Traum Classics 02 - Process - Electronic 2

We are proud to release with „Electronic 2“ the missing episode of Process early work on Traum.
It features tracks from the same period as „Electronic 1“ as well as tracks from a later period. This material is from the time when Process was occupied experimenting with the Kurzweil synth.
The track "Pelican" gave way for the now legendary „Pelican remixes“ which many Traum artist were involved in including: Fairmont, Jonas Bering, Broker/Dealer, Oliver Hacke, Akufen and also German icon Move D.
"Sensor at the side" (Part 1) hints musically at the last part, „Electronic 3“ when Steve started to work with different equipment, trying to push substantially stronger sounds instead of airy sounds.
„Electronic 2“ includes here for the first time the amazing and wonderful video soundtrack "Quon and the wild Flower of China" in a remastered new sound design.
The track was intended as a soundtrack to the visualisation of his girlfriend Yvette Klein video for Traum.
"Quon and the wild Flowers of China" which was based on a short story written by Glynis Klein which was released in a book for children. "Recognizer" is another video soundtrack which comes here also in a new sound design.
All tracks come with a new mastering of Cologne based Emanuel Geller, who has done an amazing job on some opf the tracks.
The cover features one of his photographs, since photography has become his passion for the 2 last years.   

Release date: 17 November 2010

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