Traum Classics 03 - Process - Electronic 3

We are proud to present the final chapter of Process work on Traum.
Process has been a constant source of artistic value.
During the time from 2004-2008 he changed to a style which referred to his electro roots but at the same time used techno references.
Those tracks define a style which can hardly be defined.
The result was the stunning "Boll", a track which was played in Tresor´s house Club "Globus" and made it into DJ cased of people who would usually look for club music.
Surface/Fiction was played to death by Richie Hawtin who demanded a second copy... Process was on the go.
"City-zen" was his last track he produced for Traum 100 and shows his incredible imagination to unite 3 different genres in one: Electro, 80´s pop and techno.
All tracks are newly mastered by Emanuel Geller.
The cover features one of his actual photographs, since photography has become his passion for the 2 last years.

Release date: 01 December 2010

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