Traum V096 - Moonbeam - Spring Story

The Russian duo Moonbeam have taken a year out to concentrate on a worthy follow up to their debut record "Eclipse" on Traum. We are proud to release once again a strong musical 12".

The 3 track EP includes on the a-side "Slow Heart" a dreamy piece of techno with melodic stabs, airy and liquid at the same time in its shape. A real voyage through layers of sound telling a story in sound.

The flip side holds the tracks "Something Alive" and "Spring Story". "Something Alive" is the most stripped down track by Moonbeam. Rhythmical and written in a stop and go modus, this track has a more fragile sound aesthetic to it, but explodes after the break into a supernova of sound.

"Spring Story" has the uplifting quality of offshoots breaking through the earth in fast motion! Full of energy and speed this peak time techno track could be an alternative to the a-side "Slow Heart".   

Release date: 4th February 2008