Traum V104 - Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Carat

Meeting up before a party and driving in a convoy to a club, like in the early techno days... yes, that is what this record is all about. Bukaddor & Fishbeck´s newest release „Carat“ resembles so to spea, a mood rather than a typical minimal production effort. The history of techno and the soul that derives of it´s magical moments is a treasure that Bukaddor & Fishbeck can refer to in their work. „Carat“ is also in a way a smarter and less obvious production than their predecessor „Sceada“ on Traum. „Carat“ the title track and a-side marks the DJ cut, whereas “Relic” on the flipside with its stronger house feel, captures a warmer and slightly more „krautrock” spirit. Both tracks are clubby and devote themselves to a collective spirit which will enchant the clubbers.

Release date: 03 November 2008

A. Carat

B. Relic