Traum V105 - Extrawelt - Mind Over Doesn't Matter

Extrawelt are back with a new rough street like ep that highlights 3 unreleased tracks! As Extrawelt have remarked, these tracks are very different to the ones on their Cocoon album, they are rougher and a lot more street style. They offer that kind of coolness which their previous Traum tracks „Doch Doch“ and „Last Past“  have. Also visually the black and white full cover by Yvette Klein connects to their first two records on Traum. It's a concept of Extrawelt to write versions which are all connected to each other but do totally different things. As they say these three new tracks belong to the hits of their recent live set. Extrawelt´s a-side track „Im Garten Von Eben“, a play with words, comments on the momentary situation if the music industry and the way the economy is going. Musically it relies on what we think is Extrawelt´s trademark: heavy but melodic basslines. „Im Garten Von Eben“ has a long rhythmic build up with drops of melodic chords and chopped up vocals which eventually lead to the grand finale and the big chords! Extrawelt show here what they can do best: „knob twiddling“ with a great sense for dramatic moments. „Im Garten Von Eben“ is a true rocker! The b1-track “Erste Unversicherte Allgemeinheit” is one of their biggest tunes. It´s massive since it relies to a high degree on its bassline. It's physical sound for sure and is style wise closer to „Last Past“ than any other track of theirs. This track is a classic! The b2-track „Aufnahmezustand“ is a more straight four to the floor rocker! This is a track for techno DJs! It has a lot of drive to it and definitely makes the ambitious techno DJs happy since it has a track character. Quite techno orientated for Extrawelt but also written in an hypnotic way that pays tribute to trippy and percussive moments!

Release date: 01 December 2008

A. Im Garten Von Eben

B1. Erste Unversichrte Allgemeinheit

B2. Aufnahmezustand