Traum V106 - Extrawelt - Im Garten von Eben Remixes

2008 saw us celebrating our 10th year and 100th release on Traum. To finish off this special year we are proud to present the anniversary remixes of Extrawelt´s "Im Garten Von Eben"! The remixes are produced by a new league of artist as well as friends we have been working with for years!   Max Cooper is a young English artist who has been in the English techno scene for 9 years, being voted a "future hero" in the Mixmag. His DJ skills have made him famous in the UK with DJ appearances in all big venues in the UK. Please enjoy the wonderful and fabulous voyage his „Tensor“ mix creates. You will see more of Max Cooper in January with his „Harmonisch Serie“ 12“ on Traum.     Kaiserdisco will release on MBF in 2009, but since they are skilled remixers, we asked them to remix Extrawelt´s tune "Im Garten von Eben". Their „Kesse Rippe“ mix is a fantastic minimal and modern groover.   Thomas Brinkmann... sure this man does not need an introduction since he has written Techno history, but for those who are new to the scene we just want to remark, Brinkmann is the only person ever to have remixed both Richie Hawtin and Wolfgang Voigt. He is one of the few German musicians who released with the legendary label Mute as Soul Center and who had the guts to release his Depeche Mode remix on his own label. We could go on and on, but we want to also mention his fabulous "Tour De Traum" CD he did for us.  Ok, his "Gadda Da Vida“ mix of "Im Garten Von Eben“ is as always spiced with special samples, that give the track a psychedelic feel as well as being a beat monster.   Roland M. Dill has done great remixes of Minilogue´s "Space" and Lucio Aquilina´s "Disco Bus" that have been charted heavily and made it to the top 5 sales charts in Beatport. He has recorded two 12" on Trapez ltd already and more releases are panned for 2009. Writing true rockers seems to be his destiny. Check out this one!   Helge Kuhl is a new discovery from Cologne. His "Evantgart" remix of "Im Garten Von Eben“ is defiantly "new School" and not typical for German music or trends. Helge has created his own environment and will record a whole 12" for us in 2009.

Release date: 5th January 2009

1. Max Cooper "Tensor Mix"

2. Kaiser Disco "Kesse Rippe" Mix

3. Thomas Brinkmann
"Gadda Da Vida" Mix

4. Roland M. Dill
"In der Höhle des Erdbären" Mix

5. Helge Kuhl "Evantgart" Mix