Traum V109 - Applescal - Paul for President

Applescal aka Pascal Terstappen is one of the hottest exports from the Netherlands. He has won the prize for the best national techno live act in 2008 and has gained a big following with his releases on Deep Focus that received support from Laurent Garnier, Hernan Cattaneo and John Digweed.
But despite these big name, he stands for the new generation of rebellious Dutch producers thatwant to make a statement by going in a different musical direction than all other big Dutch exports.
Applescal is driven by his love for playing music live which gives him the inspiration for the music which makes its way onto vinyl.
He refers to his music in his own words as “my music is music which you cannot touch but which must touch you” !
Pascal goes even one step further when he says: ”I get inspiration from anything that lives!”
“Paul for President” is a huge acid tune with a touch of organic liveliness that makes just thedifference and which dives into a heavy feedback at the end of the tune. The track documents Pascals intention to capture the the wild nature in things and to highlight it.
“Monster” takes it one step further goes stronger in the direction of his wonderful melodic sidewith still enough of the beastly acid energy that is the driving force behind “Paul for President!”.
The Bonus track is building on his musical-melodic side and comes here in a remix by Spanish producer Alt Fenster which is a highlight for all Border Community fans!
Last but not least Applescal delivers an unbelievable melodic track with “Immensely Beautiful Laugh”!

Release date: 02 March 2009

A. Paul for President

B. Monster

Digital 1. July came along
(Alt Fenster Remix)

Digital 2. Immensely beautiful laugh