Traum V110 - Dominik Eulberg - Sensorika

This brand new record from Dominik Eulberg is all about our senses and the feeling they trigger off.
The record is centred around the idea of hiking and realising that after some hours, longings pop up which you were never aware that existed, ending in a feeling that you have arrived and finally feel at home.
The a-side track “Aurora” is a dubby rhythm track with a fantastic build up in dynamic. House influences are strong and capture a deep intense vibe.
Though the beat structure seems heavy at the beginning, the progression of the track reveals a kind of light and good mood which Dominik describes in his own words as “a track which transports the atmosphere of dawn, early morning hours, fresh, floating, with a maiden touch.”
The track consists of different stages which reflect the interaction with nature at that hour. The b-side “Sansula (oder der letzte Grund)” is a homage and a play with words referring to the masterpiece of Alfred Andersch “Sansibar oder der letzte Grund”.
The track is to a high degree made out of sounds that create a 3 dimensional sound... nature sounds... and through that creates an organic and deep atmosphere. “Sansula (oder der letzte Grund)” like the a-side is a track with a housy edge to it.
Sampling Gabriel Ananda swinging his golf club or the closing of the trunk of his car, elements like these are all included in the tracks.
The photo on the cover of the full sleeve realizes the perfect idea of nature for Dominik.

Release date: 6 April 2009

A. Aurora

B. Sansula (oder der letzte Grund)

Digital 1. Sansula
(Max Cooper's Lost In Sound mix)

Digital 2. Sansula
(Jonas Koops's Dubfreak mix)