Traum V111 - Moonbeam - When Tears Are Dropping From The Sky

Moonbeam are back after a long break, having released two records on Traum so far.
Their new track ”When Tears Are Dropping From The Sky” can be truly referred to as a masterpiece. Moonbeam show maybe one of their most versatile pieces of music, describing the feeling of morning glory... perfect for after hours and moments of collective happiness and what could become an Ibiza hit. When the bongos start playing you get the impression you are part of a live Moonbeam show at the beach.
   “Chirpy” is in a way a legitimate follow up to one of their biggest hits ”Spring Story” and “Otaria Ursina” gets a bit of a laid back indie feeling going, with unbelievable melodies and tender spirits.
“Night Traffic” is a druggy beat track that can rock the crowd with it's simplicity and coolness but also weird Balearic feeling.
   For those who really like the remixes Roland M. Dill has done for Minilogue and Extrawelt you'll find he's done it again!  Last but by no means least, comes a remix by our new signing Max Cooper who released that wonderful “Harmonisch Serie“ on Traum in December 2008.

Release date: 04 May 2009

A. When Tears Are Dropping
From The Sky

B1. Chirpy

B2. Otaria Ursina

Digital 1. Night Traffic

Digital 2. When Tears Are Dropping
From The Sky
(Roland M. Dill Remix)

Digital 3. When Tears Are Dropping
From The Sky
(Max Cooper's Slave Remix)

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