Traum V112 - Max Cooper - Symphonica

Max Cooper's  "Symphonica"  EP is based on the combination of the natural imperfection that yields the audible richness of real sound sources such as that of an orchestral symphony, and the mathematical precision such as that used in the synthesis of electronic music for recordings.    His 3 tracks plus remixes by Perc and Marco Dassi follow this concept with the melodic and baroque a side: “Symphonica”.  This track is rich in sounds and arrangement and makes connections to “Harmonisch Serie”, whereas Perc´s interpretation of Max Cooper´s post Detroit tune “The End Of Reason” gives it a very DJ friendly twist.  “Wasp” is what Max described as one of the trax that has rocked all the clubs for him so far, a kind of dirty Detroit funk bassline counteracted by a sequence you would not find in any Detroit track since it is more new school and trippy.  The fourth track on the release features a Marco Dassi remix of “Symphonica” which emphasises the darker side of the original, resulting in a more stream like track structure.  

Release date: 02 June 2009

A. Symphonica

B1. Wasp

B2. The End Of Reason
(Perc's End Of Season Remix)

Digital 1: The End Of Reason

Digital 2: Symphonica
(Marco Dassi's "OSC 1" Remix)

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