Traum V114 - Applescal - A Slaves Commitment Remixes

As a follow up to the album we are happy to feature remixes of Applescal´s album “A Slaves Commitment”. This digital release features a new remix by Applescal of the track “Sjeesh”. His “Perception mix” relies on straight four to the floor beats rather than break beats he had used in his album version and will be interesting for those that would like to play the track in their peak time sets. The release also holds the original version of “In the mirror” and two remixes of that track one by the english artist Max Cooper who has already remixed Extrawelt and Dominik Eulberg for us apart from his two fabulous solo releases and one by Arjuna Schiks from Amsterdam, the winner of the vinylized dance competition for most talented producer award of 2008. Traum artist Max Cooper added a indie flavour and a psychedelic twist to the original by including a disturbing voice and synths to create a strong piece of techno. Arjuna Schiks who has been very popular with his remixes for Deadmau5 ("All U ever want") has provided the original with a strong dance floor mark.

Release date: 10 August 2009

1. In The Mirror

2. Sjeesh (Applescal´s new perception mix)

3. In the mirror (Max Cooper remix)

4. In the mirror (Arjuna Schiks Remix)

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