Traum V119 - Moonbeam - Tiger

Moonbeam are back on Traum! The Russian brothers had a great year and have been voted as one of the Top 100 DJs worldwide by UK DJ Mag, in December 2009. We think they are wonderful, dedicated people who really deserve winning this award.   With their new a-side track “Tiger” Moonbeam show their timeless quality and their deep knowledge of music, writing a seemingly simple but gigantic track. If you want to express in words what this track is like you might say it is a hybrid of Joe Beltram´s “Energy Flash“ fuelled with a melodic note and a lot of  post-techno feeling. Creating a revival of rave which so many people speak about, but so few actually reflect in their productions! The energy of this dark monumental new school acid track is counteracted by the two tracks on the flipside “Land of the Lost (strict mix)” and “Zoo”.   The b1-track “Land of the Lost” sounds like a soundtrack for a film set in a “ghost-town” in the mid-west of the United States. A track that travels like a camera does... through different rooms of a deserted mansion.   The b2-track “Zoo” is the “beat track” of the record. It relies on it's cool driving sequences and the hypnotic feeling it creates through them. Adding small changes here and there that keep the track constantly going.   The first digital only track “Guru” has a hypnotic quality entirely suited to the peak time dance floor. It is very functional and works the parameters cleverly that can do wonders on the floors of today. The track combines the flow of modern house with grinding sequences we find more in progressive productions. “Guru” after all invokes an immediacy that resonates instantly with clubbers. Last but not least as the second digital only track you get a more melodic and grand version of “Land of the Lost”.

Release date: 04 January 2010

A. Tiger

B1. Land of the lost (Strict mix)

B2. Zoo

Digital 1. Guru

Digital 2. Land of the lost
(Original mix)

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