Traum V122 - Max Cooper - Chaotisch Serie

Max Cooper released his first record in 2008 and has meanwhile implanted his melodic style of techno in many heads. It is this melodic take on minimal techno, his choir like hums, the fizzing noise... all creating a bit of a dramatic and classic side to all of his recent 12”s on Traum and his remixes... which puts Max in to the top league of artist who belong to the category of musicians who can express emotions and who can be grand, fruity and colourful without being overpowering and cheesy. The skill of composing helps here... one would say: without it you could hardly write this kind of music nowadays. “Chaotisch Serie” kicks off with a human sound that could only be composed deep in your throat, a sound  that can hardly be described in words... rough and smooth at the same time... screaming for help it seems. Then suddenly metallic sounds delay and tumble in... turning into an army of steel beetles swarming the place. Plunging into a sweet melody that contorts being followed by trippy delays reminding us of the opening sequence of “The Hunger” with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie at a Bauhaus concert, we know this track will be huge. Step by step with ease Max Cooper creates a build up that leads to a cut up–collage break that picks up on that Bauhausesque ghostly atmosphere which by then you realise will be the theme of this track. Another exhaled human sound another army of delays hovering the floor bouncing „Chaotisch Serie“ is the last part of the sequel which started in January 2009 with „Harmonisch Serie“ and was subsequently continued with „Stochastisch Serie“. After his vibrant journey with most of his a-sides, now the title track “Chaostisch Serie” carries the corroded noises and the multi layered contorted melodies that have determined all of his tracks so far, a step further. Max Cooper seems to be determined to enhance it with a more stern and serious approach.   "Minertia” is more concerned with keeping a tight and rhythmic pattern alive, steering towards harmony, still weaving in some of the manipulated-and distorted and pitched sounds that create the small bits of “discordance” we cannot live without.   “River of Gold” comes in two versions, the vinyl version and the slightly different and longer digital version. Both mixes are really cool and quite similar. „River of Gold“ is a perfect title for these little shiny melodies dripping from the edges of rooftops. Lush airy chord sequences flying by like darts made out of paper. This is balsam for your soul, a musical millipede massaging your spine. Or rather a Japanese garden? There is enough yin and yang for all of us in this track. Cooper's Apocalypse mix of "i" is a dubstep remix of the track originally released on „Harmonisch Serie“.   Remixes come by Dyno, Echaskech and Rest Robot and were not finished at the time this info was written.

Release date: 05 April 2010

A. Chaotisch Serie

B1. Minertia

B2. River of Gold

Digital 1.
i - Max Cooper's Apocalypse Mix

Digital 2.
Minertia (Dyno Remix)

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