Traum V128 - Minilogue - Remixed Part 2

Trailing the 3 tracks on vinyl here comes the second part of the Minilogue Remixes.
We really had to release these additional remixes since their quality was stunning.
The music bandwidth ranging from deep techno to minimal house to electronica.
Berlins David Keno contributes a pop house kind of remix, whereas Traum artist Thomas Bjerring delivers a superb deep nordic remix of “Space”.
UK artist and new discovery of Riley Reinhold, Thermal Bear tries a daring fusion of techno, house and R&B with “Space”.
We don't want to forget the dubbyness of the Cologne duo Salz and the easy and melodic nature of the Cosmic Cowboys with their “Certain Things PT2” remix.
Last but not least the abstract electronic branch of Traum is kept up by Mexican Mig Dfoe, who has written stunning non-dance remixes of Extrawelt and Applescal before and has deconstructed the “Leopard” here.
The Cologne based Oeler has worked on a stripped down remix for all the people who like the earthly “heaven”.   

Release date: 20 September 2010

1. The Leopard (David Keno remix)

2. Space (Thomas Bjerring remix)

3. Seconds
(ThermalBear "ReThink" remix)

4. Certain Things pt.1
(Cosmic Cowboys remix)

5. Certain Things pt. 2 (Salz remix)

6. The Leopard (Mig Dfoe remix)

7. The Leopard (Oeler remix)