Traum V131.5 - Max Cooper - Expressions remixes

Here come the digital remixes of Max Coopers EP „Expressions“ released on the 1st of November.
Ryan Davis is probably known to a lot of people already and we hope his fame will spread a bit further through his nice rework of “Enveloped”.
Ryan has with his remix once again confirmed his reputation of creating a perfect flow of melodies: Things seem to evolve in real time, his music does not come across as constructed and keep a a nice lush quality.
Marc Marzenit has chosen Max a-side track “Ripple” and opens his remix keeping close to the original lead sounds, then diving into a bit of a sonic sounding synth that creates an organic feeling.
To say it with the English, we'd say a bit of an “Krautrock” feeling emerges here, which later on is juxtaposed by a more classic stream like synth sound that refers to Max original. But please judge for yourself.
UK Dubstep artist Echaskech has chosen “Chaotiosch Serie” from Max´s last record for his remix.
Echaskech creates a bit of a stream of consciousness, switching back and forth between melodic and grinding basslines including silent parts that bring down the dynamic before slowly building it up again.
Last but not least „Expressions Remixes“ holds an „Ambient Rework“ by Max himself.   

Release date: 17 November 2010

1. Enveloped
(Ryan Davis "Reconstruct")

2. Ripple
(Marc Marzenit "de Tardor" remix)

3. Chaotisch Serie
(Echaskech "Strange Attractor" remix)

4. Sea of Sound (Ambient Rework)

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