Traum V132 - Applescal - Welcome to the woods

We welcome back Applescal with another techno stormer.
We started to work with Amsterdam based Traum artist Pascal Terstappen with his „Paul For President“ 12" in spring 2009 and introduced his clubby side. Later we also discovered his dark electronic side and released 2 albums on Traum with him: "A Slave's Commitment" and a "Mishmash Of Changing Moods".
He has meanwhile established himself amongst the forward thinking artist on Traum and it all also lead to the opening of Traum´s ZAUBERNUSS imprint for modern new electronics. Now Applescal thought it was time to rock the floors again. With his new "Welcome To The Woods" EP. Pascal takes you by the hand and shows you his own personal world.
Painted by numbers, this melodic but highly dramatic colourful world of club music follows his own rules.
It is a fine blend of old school vs. new school, especially notable in the twist and slides. With a skilful precision Applescal rises the level of intensity in the title track "Welcome To The Woods" with a light hearted and gentle approach... twisting the knobs in a dynamic and explosive way, bringing in melodies and twists.
  "Forced Angel" connects well "Welcome To The Woods" in a way that gentleness and high dynamics meet here again. In contrast to "Welcome to the woods" this track has an alluring altogether feel to it. In a kind of felt "slow motion" the track reveals romantic images.
  "Your English Song" seems almost folk, with a bagpipe full of lush sounds and enough tiny melodies to make it a full ballad, the track shifts dynamics, jumps from sadness to euphoria... this track shows all the greatness of Applescal.  
Alec Troniq has been described as a multifaceted musician with releases on various labels such as Etui and Broque and Ipoly. He has remixed "Your English Song" in a way that has Kraftwerk and the Aphex Twin come alive. A pearl of elctronica  that expresses his attitude to write modern "free form" dance floor music. Traum´s artist ThermalBear has chosen "Forced Angel" for a remix. The English artist at times seems to hit sequences which could have come from Joy Division but then jumps into next gear and makes the cross over to an advanced breathtaking dubstep like track.   

Release date: 13 December 2010

1. Welcome to the woods

2. Forced Angel

3. Your English Song (Dub mix)

4. Your English Song
(Alec Troniq „Quarantine“ Remix

5. Forced Angel
(ThermalBear "Rethink" Remix

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