Traum V138 - Ryan Davis - Light & Shadow EP

Following Ryan Davis Debut „Routes Of Life“ on Traum in January 2011, his high acclaimed follow up shows Ryan is a real tastemaker but also a real club rocking musician.
Few artists in the electronic modern dance scene of today make music that seems serious and intense... and still accomplishes to have club people go wild on it.
It is a bit of a lost treasure of the golden techno days, Ryan always reflects in his music when he creates moments of beauty with an collective fee to them.
Ryan Davis in one of them and his new EP shows that side even more than his debut.
A-side track “Supernova“ brings images together of psychedelic west coast soundtracks of the 70ies, pop art, shoe gazers and maybe Salvatore Dali's surrealism. “Supernova” is a masterpiece of an musical journey with truly epic proportions, which wrestles with the idea of time and it’s illusions.
Still there is always that certain joy de vivre oozing through the grooves that created happiness. It seems more than one can ask for!
“Eclipse” starts pounding and we all expect Mr Davis to make it a straight rocker, when step by step he pulls us into a vortex of obscurities or rather in a shadow world that you realise is his very own world. Stirring through a world colourfully painted doors and views of landscapes he always manages to zoom in on object and circle them as flies do.
It could have been easy to make it straight rocker but Ryan chooses the fantasy instead and we are happy he has done so.
Showing the more dance floor oriented side with the previous trax, ”Fading Star” pays tribute to the fact, that a true Traum recording always has to carry an ambient track.
“Fading Star” is a romantic piece of music slightly dreamlike with pale colours and golden embroideries that sits in a place high up in the sky.
Microtrauma have added a rising and swelling quality to the original track of ”Supernova“ with interludes of compositional brilliance, whereas newcomer Max Rieger offers a much more strict and simplistic approach, which is very nice indeed.
Last but not least Groj has remixed ”Eclipse“ very artistically switching back and forth between rectangle  saw tooth sequences and twisted melodic parts.   

Release date: 6th June 2011

A. Supernova

B1. Eclipse

B2. Fading Star

Digital 1. Supernova
(Microtrauma Remix)

Digital 2. Supernova
(Max Rieger Remix)

Digital 3. Eclipse
(Groj Remix)

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