Traum V139 - Moonbeam - Motus

Moonbeam are back! With “Motus” they have dropped a mighty tune on Traum!
Skilfully bringing together the catchiness of Acid House, big time UK house music and progressive trance... another Mediterranean classic is born! Moonbeam’s superb song writing strikes again with breathtaking nonchalance. Not only do they connect genres but they also connect the past with the present and with this also the euphoric quality of greater “rave days”. Plunge into a track where no questions are being asked and where quietness is a foreign word, welcome to “Motus”.
       Supporting Moonbeam with his sense for peak time monsters, we welcome back also Kiev superstar Spartaque. The core element of his remix is a siren sound, powered through a “hi energy bassline” that provides the track with a super energetic drive. This is a remix for big dance floors.
We are very pleased to involve Applescal in the remix package and you expect him not to push it to the 4/4 corner but instead to make it very emotional and maybe melancholic.
He does not let us down on this one and delivers a unique “post rock interpretation”, plunging head over into different worlds, that never collide. Unbelievable!
We asked Monaque for a remix because we believe it is the perfect match up. Both of them have can draw on a broad musical diversity and appear here for the first time ever, together on a release.
The New York and Moscow based DJ/Production duo Monaque, consisting of Alex Monakhov and Serge Que have released on labels such as Ultra, Renaissance, Hernan Cattaneo's 'Sudbeat' and Anthony Pappa's 'Red Light District' and more underground labels like Forensic, Stripped and Vapour Recordings.
Their remix for Traum marks a beautiful "dreamlike" state..with crossover into the surreal and can be considered as a very fine piece of experimental progressive techno. Their narrative quality is a 100% Traum.
Mark Reeve’s, rising star out of Germany who has just given his debut on Cocoon has focussed on the main chords of the original and introduces a haunting old school techno spirit driven by a monster of a heavy bassline.   

Release date: 18th July 2011

1. Motus

2. Motus
(Spartaque remix)

3. Motus
(Applescal remix)

4. Motus
(Monaque remix)

5. Motus
(Mark Reeve remix)

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