Traum V150 - Mononoid - Protoplasm

Mononoid finally give their solo debut on Traum!
Being involved in painting, music making and theatre they were determined to make it a real event on. The tracks which emerged are...
The opening track "Protoplasm" is a dazzling piece of cinematographic music. The calmness of the track comes close to a space flight and cannot be pigeon-holed that easily. "Protoplasm’s" magic steadiness and streamline movements install a tenderness and heaviness which can be compared in some ways to early Minilogue tracks.
Sweeps of melodic synth chords are balanced by twist and manipulation of sounds that make "Protoplasm" a real piece of Mononoid. The track also comes with a video which was made by the artists with the help of friends.
"Mitosis" is the answer to "Protoplasm" in terms of funkiness and is slightly more violent.
The warm bassline and percussion line creates a strong groove right from the start but also keeps that spacy dimension and this is quite obvious that this is a part of the Mononoid’s cosmos.
As tension is build up, sweet synth sounds join in… Mononoid make sure these moments  are dispersed and destroyed in time to create the new "wave". Mononoid steer through traffic of sounds with a an amazing sovereignty!
"Alpha Helix" starts like a drum computer drumming away, joined by noise and chords installing a panoramic view of space. Drenched in big warm beats and massive production you instantly recognize this will be more of a "time travel" track. But it would not be Mononoid if these parameters would not be twisted with 303 baselines and additional "cries" of synths that make the track almost human.
We are happy to announce that Traum act Moonbeam have taken on the task to remix "Protoplasm" and support Mononoid here. Creating a tight interval of sounds and beats that work very much on the energetic level, creating impulses. making it a strong mover which maybe ends up as a bit of a hymn for the modern clubber!
Last but not least "Zonderling" work  "Protoplasm" in a way that is gets all big and mighty and jumpy... slightly distorted... creating a cool groove by ways of side chaining/gaiting all done with a lot of sophistication and knowledge. So we guess there are masters at work  here.   

Release date: 7th May 2012

1. Protoplasm

2. Mitosis

3. Alpha Helix

4. Protoplasm
(Moonbeam rmx)

5. Protoplasm
(Zonderling Rmx)

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