Traum V151 - Microtrauma - Vinyl Selection

We release here on vinyl the top tunes from Microtrauma for all the fans who were bugging us and were disappointed that they could not get the tracks on record.
So now here find a good selection of the strongest tunes by Microtrauma based on the feedback of the fans and the feedback in the clubs.
The tracks come from the first three releases now for the first time on vinyl.
For what is missing we apologize but promise to have the next Microtrauma release on vinyl!
The release starts out with "Circulate".
"Circulate", is a piece of epic melodic techno that works in a highly artistic fashion. A skilful composition with lots of musical changes and last but not least carries a breathtaking arrangement! Changing perspectives from melodic lush to forceful emotional outbreaks, it's constant "up and down" makes this a rollercoaster of a track. And if you would want to use the word "circulate" itself, you may as well describe the track in its peak as an "centrifugal emotional force"!
"Blütenstaub" describes in the best possible way Microtrauma's hi-tech appeal that lingers in all tracks of theirs... but here it shows its enormous richness. This track will make a tiger run in circles and us propelling and sweating... this is hi-energy hypnotic dance with the intensity and the baseline of microwaves beams.
"Nordlicht", this track is a machine driven track that opens up in the middle of its playing time, revealing the beauty behind the curtain. This is all sweat and rave madness in one and for the ones who stay till the end of each party. Get your yo-yos out and go wild.  Max Cooper has charted this track on position #1 in his current charts... so this should prove enough.    
  Last but not least the man himself Max Cooper has contributed this fantastic remix of "Contrast".
He has twisted “Contrast” towards an 4 to the floor beat but has enhanced it with a lightness and soothing quality that provides it with an ethereal and airy quality not to be matched by anything in the files of melodic techno we know of. This is definitely one of his strongest remixes for Traum.   

Release date: 14th May 2012

A1. Circulate

A2. Blütenstaub

B1. Nordlicht

B2. Contrast
(Max Cooper)