Traum V154 - Mononoid - Concepts of Cures

Heat Flux

Mononoid are set to unleash their mammoth single "Concept Of Cures".
This is the follow up to their brilliant debut "Protoplsma" release in May 2012 on Traum.
Mononoid have written with "Heat Flux" a melodramatic track of a similar calibre, yet it is even more a movie-soundtrack, a cinematic avalanche, a transmutation turning "base metals" into "noble metals gold or silver" and for DJs it is simply a great way of opening their set with a great emotional track.
"Baryon Number" is a another highlight of theirs, a spiritual & futuristic piece of music Mononoid is so good with.
The duo that draws their influences from: art exhibitions, Jazz music, revelations in their own studio and theatre work in Groningen rather than from the outspoken contemporary digital music scene, so expect this to have made it also into "Baryon Number".
"Gumble" is nothing like a gamble, it might contain more randomness and signs of manipulation... but who can really say this... we certainly cannot... it's bassline has all the destructiveness of productions of our fellow "dreamer" Max Cooper. Watch out for this forward-thinking piece of melodic techno since it is worth it.
"Vapour Pressure" works the bongo programming in a lazy and slack way, rumbling reassuringly below a palette of twinkling but dark long-armed synth stretches.
"Elixir Of Life" rounds off the release of the Dutch soundscapist duo, summing it all up in a perfect distillation of those varied sounds they create with their synths. This slow burner clads everything in a futuristic lushness and beautiful string sounds. It is a musical journey on the gentle side with no monster riffs or psychedelic freak outs rather something deeper, smoother and surreal.   

Release date: 3rd September 2012

1. Heat Flux

2. Baryon Number

3. Gumble

4. Vapour Pressure

5. Elixir of Life

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