Traum V155 - Max Cooper - Inflections EP

Expect to be confronted with a bit of a surprise here when you listen to the a-side of the brand-new Max Cooper on Traum.

Max has never plaid around with arpeggiators in this way yet and also the "togetherness" of the soundscape is not very typical for him. But let us say this much, this track is a big track in his live sets, very much a crowd pleaser and when the bassline kicks in at 4 minutes it gets all cosmic and a massive collective feel is installed.

The track is a repetitive one and the rushing of the hi-energy powered sequencer gives a nice contrast to the later added strings which add a superb  melancholic Detroit feel.

We expect this track to do nice in clubs.

The flip side of the record features with "Basal Ganglia" and Gravity Well" two tracks that are more typical for Max and equally brilliant.

"Basal Ganglia" is a mixture of a roaring bassline monster and floating sweet sounds... and allows itself to fall apart in the break that is made up of "cut ups" and manipulated sounds. As much as it carries melodies and big sounds it is nerdy and very well designed for the home listening crowd as well as for the ambitious DJ.

"Gravity Well" stands in the true sense of the word for another epic "voyage". We have seen tracks of this quality to surface on Traum before in the past, but every time Max writes another track of this kind it is the seemingly "self generated", organic richness of melodies and sounds which makes it so outstanding. This is a colourful imaginative and incredibly emotional track written on the highest level. So praise to the B2 track.

Last but not least this release includes a digital remix by our stalwarts Microtrauma who have remixed "Gravity Well" into a buzzing engine like tune where ethereal sounds transform the original step by step into a heavenly creature. A real piece of art... again!   

Release date: 1st October 2012

A. Spiral Inflections

B1. Basal Ganglia

B2. Gravity Well

Digital: Gravity Well
(Microtrauma remix)

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