Traum V157 - Rob Clouth - Cloud Complex

The newest signing on Traum is English artist Rob Clouth. Rob has created a stir with artistic thinking people through his activity on the internet and has released a few releases under his alias.
Expect the music to be something mind-blowing on Traum since it is the first time Rob has involved himself in creating more techno flavoured tracks! Rob, one can say, is an artists who grows with the challenges and enjoys the broadening of ideas which has benefited all his projects so far.
Combining the macro details with some of the micro details he is better known for has made this release what it is: an explosive highly imaginable and emotional affair.
Born in Abergavenny, a smallish town in South Wales now living in Bristol, artist Rob Clouth is the mastermind behind Vaetxh, Dr:kid and if you have come across his masterfully crafted short pieces of electronica, you will be surprised what his new trax will be like.
We can only here say as much as that they connect musically perfectly well with what the label has released from Max Cooper and Dominik Eulberg (who are both fans of him) but Rob’s music is still much more on the abstract electronic side of things which is great!
Robert is interested in various forms of creative programming and brings together sound design and production in an unheard formula.
For example he works with sound painting – sculpting sounds from the ground up by painting their spectrums using a digitizer as well as using a tool for sequencing fractal-structured tracks with infinite zoom.
His Zoom H2 recorder and Mic collections mark an essential part of his recording toolbox. His mic has become his camera which he keeps in his bag, just in case there’s some sound that he wants. He uses alternative mics – some deep-ear binaural mics, some waterproofed contact mics (double up as hydrophones) and a coil mic that picks up the electromagnetic fields of electronics, a sound field mic that  captures ambisonic recordings, for post-rec panning with head-tracking experiments. On the software side he uses Max and now for some time Synthmaker.
Rob belongs to the new school of British musicians who build their own devices to make music and are often influenced by artists such as Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Clark etc etc.
Rob’s new tracks for Traum show a great deal of appreciation for detail... useing extreme shapes of sounds which are highly emotional.
Even if some textures seem to be really complex and thought out... his music is rather an electronic language then anything else and encompassing moments of naivety and direct emotion which makes his music so organic.  

Release date: 3rd December 2012

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