Traum V161 - Peet - Half A Dozen Twins

Peet is the newest signing on Traum.
He is a true tastemaker who has dedicated his whole live to music.
Art Of Noise and Kraftwerk put him on the tracks with electronic music at an early age.
His breakthrough came in 2000 with a track released on John Digweed's label "Black" since then he has continuously been putting out his music on smaller labels and has received support from Hernan Cattaneo, Pole Folder, Nick Warren, Paul Oakenfold, Anthony Pappa and others.
Peet has been a real tastemaker also at the decks playing records for 15 years and has made it a challenge for himself to mix consequently different styles of electronic music.
His own productions highlight his talent to fuse electronica with techno, allowing emotional spurts and a lot of changes creating a lively and daring arrangement, sometimes fantastic, sometimes urgent and alien.
The release starts with "Gear". A track that makes fabulous transitions, starting with a rather progressive intro working it’s way towards Detroit techno with a very emotional side... evoking the ghosts of Derrick May/808State, adding more synths pads to develop his own formula of melodic techno. This track is the most techno of his whole EP and a bit of a new challenge for Peet which he is very fond of.
"Pick Your Poison" puts the emphasis from the beginning on electronica rather than techno with sounds not unlike Ricardo Tobar’s. Peet creates an unorthodox succession of sounds and beats, weaving up sounds, creating a "wall of sound" with aspects of dissonance… and all of that could go on forever, it is so good.
"Father & Son" is dedicated to his parents especially to his father (RIP) who enabled him to listen to music from a very young age. The track is a rather fantastic and musical one shows the talent of Peet to create and connect a variety of complex shapes and sounds ."Father & Son" is full of colours, light and airy and comes across as if it was played and recorded with great skill in one go, keeping that stream of live played music alive. Here you swim through some mood deeper than air, more perfumed than water.
Microtrauma have remixed "Father & Son" in an analogue heavy fashion, working with an arpeggiator like sequence that generates a powerful direct drive.... by keeping the tracks deep core but arranging them in a completely new order Microtrauma create an hypnotic monster of a remix!
"Half A Dozen Twins" starts with a mighty droning sound that lays the foundation for the following synth pads that creates a strong feeling of fate, love and hate. The track is very dark, sweet and bitter, it is day and night and all of it changes in a fast motion. There is a rush of emotion taking place here, at times tragic but also happy.
"Deep Swing" is another fantastic track evolving in slow motion, images of black and white with dots of colour are passing by and things get going the way they must go. This track is a great ambient track with heavenly vocals.
"Acitron" kicks off by a pulsating rhythm stem which quickly is embraced by melodies that climb to the very top, to participate in a grand panoramic vision of excellence.
  The cover for Peet’s debut release comes from the female painter Glen Maya.   

Release date: 4th March 2013

1. Gear

2. Pick Your Poison

3. Father & Son

4. Father & Son
(Microtrauma Remix)

5. Half A Dozen Twins

6. Deep Swing

7. Acitron
(Electronica Version)

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