Traum V165 - Mononoid - Cut Into Sections



Mononoid are back with their 4th EP on Traum!
The inventive duo from Groningen have made some changes with their forthcoming EP by collaborating with Zonderling, the Techno side project of the well known drumnBass mega group Noisia and also, female vocalist Merel Wijnberg.
Mononoid have been highly successful with their psychedelic signature in all of their 3 Eps so far out on Traum, but wanted to focus on certain themes in detail as they told us...
Their new release "Cut Into Sections" is literally translated from Ancient Greek, and means "insect" and makes the connections to the titles of the tracks that all refer to different insects.

The Orchid Mantis which graces the cover art of their new release (and was drawn by themselves) is probably one of the best known insects..., it has the apparent resemblance of an orchestra "conducter", often shown on nature documentaries.

Their opening track "Antlion" is a bit of a slacker with the necessary understatement, swinging hips and windmill rotation skills are all in place to kick off any deeper spirit… done in a very controlled and sexy way… no need to try too hard, it is a winner anyway. Something new for Monoinoid?

"Scarabaeus" (written & produced together with Zonderling) is pretty much the opposite, is pretty much "in your face" and substantial, pulling all the tricks of today's "give and let go" formula in perfection. This is a "big rocker" and something for everyone out there. Hi-tech entertainment, clean and to the point. POW POW! An adrenaline rush which can deal with larger crowds easily.

"Scare Quotes" (feat Merel Wijnberg on vocals) is a bit of a "ghost" track, one of these tracks you play at 8.00 in the morning or 15.00 in Berlin and then the dance floor suddenly arranges itself like iron filings do with the help of magnets, all geometrical, all synchronized. This track is old school by its sequence but very new school in the way it manipulates the voice and certain sounds. "Scare Quotes" is a real audio adventure - when the layering gets going it is exceptionally good and the mood is dark to brutally brown... till the very end.

"Papilio" is for the lovers of the classic "melodic techno music". This tune is very much adding elements to create a peak of euphoria. It is more accessible ,less complicated more predictable and maybe the missing link in this release.

"Orb Weaver" is another track more on the classic side, maybe because of the Chicago chords which put it close to techno and house much more then to new school melodic techno or that it is just a very jolly track you can easily join in with.

Release date: 1st July 2013

1. Mononoid

2. Mononoid & Zonderling

3. Mononoid feat Merel Wijnberg
Scare Quotes

4. Mononoid

5. Mononoid
Orb Weaver

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