Traum V173 - Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Friend Of All That Lives

Following the success of Dominik Eulberg and Gabriel Ananda’s "The Space Between Us", in November 2013 on Traum the duo has been in the studio to chuck out another piece of music which has again so little in common with post minimal dance music of now.

One can say the guys have found their formula to create euphoria on the parameter of "live and let live". The only exercised discipline is to tolerate each other without restraint.
This is possible as their partnership now lasts since 2005 resulting 2006 in „Harzer Roller“ and later also in „Kirschplunder & Jasmin Tee Bei Gabriel“ and „Eucalypse Now!“
And as Domink has put it in his own words: Gabriel Ananda and I are like two magnets. Either we erase each other or adjusted correctly with N & S pols, then an energy is generated which easily exceeds the sum of its single components. To create the synergy we have developed a formula in which we each only doe what creates true joy. The result is a flow of music (Panta Rhei). We have made the experience that by widening our musical horizons also the synergy grows. Shame, fear, repression, take a back seat. The motto is: "All is possible but there is no must!"

The a-side "Owltastic" is a mad tune. A comical and hyped up track for the hedonistic peak time moments… a stimulation brought to us by two artists who know that now is the time for relentless melody bashing and in your face emotions. A tour de force of sequences and melodies that climb and climb and climb... until they fall deep. But who if not Dominik and Gabriel are there to catch them and throw them back up in the air. When the tune ends at 7:45 minutes its leaves us hanging in the air. A little bit angry so we push the repeat button. But why ask yourself to many questions when the answers come in such a compelling painted piece of art. We close with writer Erich Kästner’s words: "There is nothing good: unless one does it“.

"Friend Of All That Lives" starts more introspective and reluctant but gains that particular vibe of friendliness and relaxation Dominik Eulberg has shown in some of his previous works of brilliance.

Here melodies are gently lifted up to descend even more cushioned.
"Friend Of All That Lives" conveys that image as if one was wading though an endless mudflat at a sunny and crispy cold day. You will discover a little flatfish or a crab left behind in a hole, and with binoculars you will see foraging birds of all kinds and… you can be completely alone.

Bring your Rubber boots or even better your bare feet and take a walk with Dominik and Gabriel.

Release date: 03. March 2014

A. Owltastic

B. Friend Of All That Lives

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