Traum V183 - We Need Cracks - Paper Mill

The French duo which appeared out of the blue with their "Geometryka EP" in 2013 and then wrote their "Windrose EP" have already established themselves on our label. The Traum community loves their substantial melodies, they're sweeping gestures, their depth and their fine understatement. Fabien Garcia & Antoine Rigail are still a secret to be revealed in the future, not much is known about them and not much is spread. So with their new EP they pull open the curtain for another 4 tracks.

Their "Paper Mill EP" kicks of with "Signals" a graceful piece of music that spreads like cold wind on plains that run towards the horizon with very little vegetation.
The restraint euphoria and a happy-sad feeling treated with austerity show a timeless spirit, which has become their trademark.

"Crimson & Azure" starts with a swaying sound of two tones and thereby creates a feeling for time and space quite bleak, till a sweeping baseline and additional elements help to complement this brilliant piece of music to actually stand up and run and run. Though there is always a complexity in their arrangement and an almost mathematical accuracy, the track lives of its boundless continuity of forward motion... in colors bright and shiny.

"Con Moto" digs deep, plunges from the start into melodies and tosses about lasciviously and it does not take long before your skin slowly starts to show colonies of extra white skin.
"Con Moto" which means: "motion through some kind of acceleration", is much more than that, it is a sensual trip, very French, very cool, very stylish... and in the end also very imaginative.
The last original "Sailplane" is another ambientish track by We Need Cracks. A bit of a concept we saw with their bird sound track on their previous EP which Dominik Eulberg often plays as the first track in his set. It starts with a longer intro and keeps floating above the ground through mighty trembling hovering sounds counteracted by small midget melodies that rotate like pearls of water on a lotus flower leaf.

The release comes with three remixes.

The first remix comes by French artist Citizen Kain, who to a surprise for many of our younger fans he released with us already in 2008 on MBF! Since then he has been releasing constantly quality music and has become an institution in France having worked together with heavyweight Worakls and being supported often by Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Slam, Agoria, Len Faki, Maetrik, Monika Kruse, Dave Clarke, John Acquaviva, Joseph Capriati, Mihalis Safras and more.

His "Signals" remix carries all the quality he is famous for, delivering a powerhouse of a stripped down techno rocker that has the groove developed to perfection. Chunky beats, some „electrostatic“ synth noise, develop a dark mood he can set up so well. Join in for some serious dancing!

The second remix comes from the London based duo NHB who stand for harder analogue techno and which we asked to remix a rather melodic tune in their relentless techno banging style.
The duo has been a huge techno force with their trax climbing charts since 2012.
NHB has remixed "Con Moto" stripping it down to a nice raw DJ friendly tool with flying hi-hats and cascading sounds.
The third remix comes by French artist Clawz SG who has previously released with Maverickz on Parquet recordings.
He has remixed "Con Moto" in a more house styled way, that works great within its flow of forward driving motion.

Release date: 12. January 2015

1. Signals

2. Crimson & Azure

3. Con Moto

4. Sailplane

5. Signals (Citizen Kain Remix)

6. Con Moto (NHB Remix)

7. Con Moto (Clawz SG Remix)

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