Traum V191 - Tim Fishbeck - People Can Fly

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Tim Fishbeck returns to Traum after a long break in which he decided to start to take musical matters into his own hands. Tim Fishbeck has been very successful together with Baggy Bukaddor on our label MBF. And their outstanding releases "Sceada" and "Carat" on Traum placed them among the most innovative sound sculpturers around at that time.
We coined some of their trax in the past as "Krautrock" spirited and when we confronted Tim again with that term on behalf of his new EP "People Can Fly" he was surprised since he thinks one cannot pigeonhole him in regards of style.

His new EP kicks of with "People Can Fly" which unfolds as an emotionally strong electronic piece of music, rising from the ground and which develops a strong collective feel which could end up on many open air dance floors this summer. Tim manages to twist sequences constantly, keeping the track organic and lively and gaining great momentums when he skillfully manipulates fragments of vocals. The track might have a French feel to it but it sticks to the German understatement which makes it so special altogether.

"Like A Hug" starts quite minimal but paves the way for a spiritual piece of music that enters your heart from different directions, sometimes drastic and with all the damage knob twisting can do.
On the other side, there is time for a certain romantic Frisco feel which lingers on throughout the track. "Like A Hug" pays tribute to both of them and when it comes to the end one might have appreciated the "hug" to be a longer one.

"Traumata" carries the "Sweet Ohm" feeling of Kraftwerk or CAN. The implosive and silent force of hypnotic "Krautrock" music here is performed with laptop and a lot of perception by Tim. "Traumata" feels like a "road trip" to us. Electronic blues made in Düsseldorf-Remscheid.

Marc DePulse has remixed "People Can Fly". His interpretation is more gentle extending the soft end of things hence changing the time space continuum to accomplish a pleasurable comfort side. Very modern!

Release date Beatport:                  03. August 2015
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    07. August 2015

1. People Can Fly

2. Like A Hug

3. Traumata

4. People Can Fly (Marc DePulse Remix)