Traum V192 - Luis Junior - Otro Ayer EP

The Madrid based producer Luis Junior is often described as a genre-defying person who pushes the limits forward, bends the genres and creates new forms of cross-over. He received support from John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo throughout his career for his releases on Bedrock etc. On his own imprint "Mooseekaa" he released Eps from artists such as Max Cooper and Ryan Davis.

So when he sent uns a demo we realized that he applied all this skill also to his "Otro Ayer EP" in a big way... Luis combines melodies, a modern techno sentiment with an extraordinary virulent groove as one can witness here. "Otro Ayer" is such a track that directly enters your blood. A mover of a track with an indie connotation that makes it difficult to pigeonhole it, which we like for Traum. A track that opens its wings in the course of it and constantly grows in proportion (but always seeks moments of convalescence as we know from Minilogue) to create a wonderful up and down dynamic.
We hope "Otro Ayer" will create a collective spirit as we always dance to this track all together behind our computers.

"Green Tag" is a more playful and and introspective track that keeps rays of sound coming in, creating then a memorable break in the flow of the track, "down zooming" on what could be microscopic small creatures trembling with joy... installing here a gentle moment of suspense, before plunging back into the groove. Masterfully crafted by Luis Junior "Green Tag" is the perfect match to "Otro Ayer".

Microtrauma have taken on "Otro Ayer" and have added their magic to the already existing alchemy of the original. The remix embraces a cosmic quality which you might have come across with experimental music form the late 60ies and 70ies (Pink Floyd) fusing it with a techno beat... which struck us enormously as we are aware of how difficult it is to evoke moments of the "Krautrock" age.
We are sure Microtrauma themselves would coin different phrases to describe the track, but this is what we felt when we first heard it.

The Berlin based musician Powel who has been playing in bands as well as working as a DJ and producer presents with his remix of "Green Tag" a great flow of deep house music expressed through soft beats and an amazing organic texture that puts him next to people such as Âme and Move D.

Release date Beatport:                  07. September 2015
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    11. September 2015

1. Otro Ayer

2. Green Tag

3. Otro Ayer (Microtrauma Remix)

4. Green Tag (Powel Remix)

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