Traum V195 - We Need Cracks - Alpha Hour

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We Need Cracks embark 2016 with an unwavering commitment to more great music and sounds for the dance floor. Their new EP meets the expectation which was build up through their previous releases on Traum and that can go on forever if you ask us. Their night excursion in to the deeper realm of electronic techno house shows hedonistic and glamorous moments as if filmed in slow motion.
Their EP is headlined by "Cloud Runner" an airy but powerful anthem that makes slow motion so sexy, that rises from the deep inside to let our pelvis hover the dance floor.

"Delta Lab" is powerful techno-disco, introspective and uplifting. You will happily surrender to the rhythm when you hear that tune. Unique pitched vocals and long evolving tones create a mystic and hypnotic seduction.

"Nimbe" is the only house tune on this EP and a tune that is highly reflective and expressive. It places us in a contemplative mood with encompassing chords, simplistic keys, always with an aesthetic goal in mind which has made We Need Cracks one of the hottest insider tips of the melodic techno scene. Some would call this track a unique balearic groover.

"Contemplative Dream" rounds up the EP with a two step like rhythm and lush melodies!

The remixes for the EP come from 2 artists (Kai Meyer and Joel Forsberg) who we have worked with on our last Tour De Traum plus a remix from Henning Richter, one half of Modvlar. Henning has also recently remixed Hannes Rasmus's "Kleinste Teilchen" on Traum.
Henning has reworked "Cloud Runner" in his own style which encompasses influences from lounge, deep house and techno to create a super fat sounding yet slow emerging strong moving piece of deep techno.
Richter is a master in formulating an impression by using that simplicity which for many is the ultimate sophistication, and indeed nothing could be more applicable to his person, who has assembled knowledge through his life as a world traveller staying in countries for years leaning how to read their culture.

Our two new debutants have left impressive marks on the Tour de Traum XI and have equally surpassed our expectations with their remixes.
Joel Forsberg's interpretation of "Cloud Runner" resulted in a wonderful piece of lush ambient electronica-house soothing and refreshing in its incredible selection of sounds. For all of you who like Mr. Fingers watch out for Joel Forsberg.

German artist Kai Meyer has written a 10 minute epos remixing "Cloud Runner" into an unthinkably deep piece of electronica. Undoubtful a masterpiece in its genre. Kai Meyer expends and alters his theme with an excellent feel for the moment. You will see him back on Traum for sure.

Release date Beatport:                  11. January 2016
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    15. January 2016

1. Cloud Runner

2. Delta Lab

3. Nimbe

4. Contemplative Dream

5. Cloud Runner (Henning Richter Remix)

6. Cloud Runner (Joel Forsberg Remix)

7. Cloud Runner (Kai Meyer Remix)