Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot - L’esprit De L’escalier Remixes - Traum V200
Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot has written L’esprit De L’escalier Extrawelt remixed Mono No Aware / L'esprit De L'escalier Thyladomid and Jonas Mantey remixed Sirimiri (Hammersche Modularverschaltung) Hidden Empire reworking Nyctophilia Stillhead reenineering Nefelibata sine sleeper remixing nyctophilia Ian Max Mauch with hands on Mono No Aware

Introducing Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot

After releasing a full length ambient album by Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot in November, we now reales a vinyl 12" with two remixes and one original from the album as well as a digital version of the EP including more remixes!

Extrawelt remixing Mono No Aware / L'esprit De L'escalier

The release kicks off with a rare remix of the German producer duo Extrawelt who have created 2 mixes.
The first (also A-Side track of the vinyl) being a somewhat unusual hybrid of two of the album tracks: "Mono No Aware" and "L'esprit De L’escalier" that are made into an epic mix that incorporates different beat formulas and a symphonic sound that could come from minimalist icon Steve Reich. The second mix is more on the tool side of things using the means of acceleration and sounds glued to the beats.

Thyladomid and Jonas Mantey reworking Sirimiri

The first B-Side track (track 3) comes by the Cologne born artist "Thyladomid" aka Charles Thiemann who is known best for his releases on Solomun’s label 2DIY4 and Diynamic and who has teamed up with young artist Jonas Mantey who despite his young age is referred to as a wunderkind of the electronic scene. His few trax released all have been quality and have seen heavy circulation in the social media. His biggest success so far was a track on Oliver Koletzki's Still for Talent label which got fabulous reviews.
Together they have written a sensual low key melodic remix off "Sirimiri (Hammersche Modularverschaltung)" that acts from the inside out forgetting about stunts but focussing on a fine blend of sounds that create a stunning chill and at times also an urgency.

Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot "Misodoctakleidist"

Final track on the B-Side (track 4) "Misodoctakleidist" has been reworked by Mario Hammer himself adding piano parts to make it work even better as a stand alone track.

Jonas Mantey Chackawaira Reinterpretation

Track 5 is a remix of "Chackwaira" and comes by Jonas Mantey solo and is even more reduced than his remix with Thyladomid.
Jonas Mantey’s mix has a fine sound architecture with massive consuming synths that rise and descend and create a subtle organic feel.

Hidden Empire remixed Nyctophilia

Track 6 features a remix by upstarts Hidden Empire that has converted "Nyctophilia" in to an accessible and minimal techno monster.

Stillhead on Nefelibata

Track 7 was made by Scottish born, Latvia based Alex Cowles aka Stillhead who has reengineered "Nefelibata".
Stillhead has released 4 albums, 20 EPs, countless remixes and appearances on high-profile compilations. Here he presents a sophisticated and breathtaking „nordic“ ambient influence in combination with an electronic dub beat that slows down time effectively.

sine sleeper nyctophilia remix

Track 8 highlights the electronic formula applied by sine sleeper to "Nyctophilia". The artist duo from Düsseldorf who made their debut on Traum in April have worked very conceptional on this track by taking the given structure and enhancing it. The remix shows a significant turn at halftime when an accumulation and added beats create an explosion of impressions.

Mono No Aware Ambience by Ian Max Mauch

Track 9 comes by Ian Max Mauch, who recently contributed to Tour De Traum. Studying sound design in Berlin Max has applied his knowledge of granular synthesis to "Mono No Aware" resulting in a beautiful piece of ambient music.

Release Dates

Release date 12" Vinyl            17. June 2016

Release date Juno Download   24. June 2016
Release date Beatport             27. June 2016
Release date Worldwide          01. July 2016

Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot - L’esprit De L’escalier Remixes - Traum V200

1. Mono No Aware / L'esprit De L'escalier
    (Extrawelt Redux)

2. Mono No Aware / L'esprit De L'escalier
    (Extrawelt Tool)

3. Sirimiri
    (Hammersche Modularverschaltung)
    (Thyladomid & Jonas Mantey Retouch)

4. Misodoctakleidist (Mario Hammer
    And The Lonely Robot Vinyl Edit)

5. Chackwaira
    (Jonas Mantey Reinterpretation)

6. Nyctophilia (Hidden Empire Rework)

7. Nefelibata (Stillhead Reengineerd)

8. Nyctophilia (sine sleeper Remix)

9. Mono No Aware
    (Ian Max Mauch „Grainular“ Rework)

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