Ron Flatter - Shelby EP - Traum V201

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Introducing Ron Flatter

Ron Flatter has made the summer season his favorite season for releases on Traum!
After "Mantequilla" he has written with "Shelby" a superb euphoric and joyous anthem of a song again. "Shelby" can carry you on hands but can also provide shelter.

"Shelby" by Ron Flatter

Ron shows a hell of a lot of knowledge for club music that can unite people. The collective spirit and positiveness are the key and the heart of this track and we can see "Shelby" working wonders on open airs and clubs around the world.

"Delgado" by Ron Flatter

"Delgado" is the little brother of "Shelby", being more cautious and sneaky, it keeps a much stronger understatement and defies time and space with a great portion of calmness and intuition.
"Delgado" extends its hands through melodies and breaks and shows Ron Flatter is a master of „deceleration“ and absolute club feeling.

Miss Melera remixing "Shelby" by Ron Flatter

Miss Melera some people say, is to Holland what DJs such as Sasha and John Digweed are for the UK: a top act and DJ, a globetrotter (djing in all mayor metropoles but also in very selected special locations) and also a person who stands up to her principles as a tastemaker and lover of deep but energetic music.
So it was a perfect match for her to remix Ron Flatter’s new rave anthem "Shelby".
Miss Malera knows the right gesture and equations to give the original a more international profile. Starting with a nice build up, rather hypnotic and dark, that in the course of the track has beams of the original melody break through. A flawless remix we will definitely hear on the dance floor.

Marc DePulse's hands on "Shelby" by Ron Flatter

Marc DePulse remixed "Shelby" and has taken a very different approach creating a brooding and gloomy discoish track that lives from alarming arpeggiators, slashing snares and hence evokes an hi-energy feeling.

"Lightdrops" by Ron Flatter

The release is rounded up by the heartwarming ambient track "Lightdrops" from Ron Flatter which sees us continue our journey into the chill out world.

Release Dates

Release date Beatport             08. August 2016
Release date Worldwide          12. August 2016

Ron Flatter - Shelby EP - Traum V201

1. Shelby

2. Delgado

3. Shelby (Miss Melera Remix)

4. Shelby (Marc DePulse Remix)

5. Lightdrops