Dovim - Makaratta - Traum V202

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Introducing Dovim

With "Makaratta" we are releasing the second EP with highly acclaimed electronic composer Dovim. Dovim is 100% „only music“ and his passion goes towards complex compositions that contribute uniquely to the challenging world of electronic dance music.
His music can be defined as futuristic and there is truly nobody in the scene who writes music like he does. "Makaratta" is another landmark and connects to Dovim’s debut EP "Cryo Gemini".

"Argula" by Dovim

"Argula" kicks off the EP with a firework of melodies which are part of a roller coaster composition. And the track definitely takes the „wanderlust“ theme again to another level!
Dovim is at his best when his themes build up heavily incorporating a lot of colorful fantastic details and then jump over the cliff.
The slow motion sequences are fabulous and create an organic feel without being organic at the least. Dovim uses a logic that encloses the paradox to express the new... and this also makes "Argula" so exiting.

"Alchera" by Dovim

"Alchera" is beginning and the end. It is all about lonely stabs of tones that are like marbles rolling across the floor, meeting and colliding before they loosely assemble and create a moody piece of „self constructing“ music. Dovim is a true master in that respect.
This track could be defined as „Post Detroit“ because it has the aspect of twisted soulful music in the manner of a DNA string as a key theme. This is outstanding music.

"Makaratta" by Dovim - The Titletrack

"Makaratta" is a track which grows enormously on you and which could be a modern version of what Transmatt (Detroit) stood for in they're early days: mystical and meaningful music, which creeps under your skin with every stab it takes.

"Mirrimina" by Dovim

"Mirrimina" is more introvert and takes steps more careful. Like a cats paw which sets out to discover the environment with caution.

"Yurlungur" by Dovim - The Ambient One

"Yurlungur" is pure listening experience based on drones, feedbacks and acoustic experiments. There are some sounds that remind us of Nasa sounds and early recordings by the Vienna label Mego (Mondlandung).

Remixing the EP "Makaratta" by Dovim

We asked some remixers to capitalize on the wealth of Dovim’s sounds and to see what they can come up with.

Teho remixing "Alchera" by Dovim

The French artist Teho has worked with Herzblut, Klangwelt, Parquet and Manual and has shifted with his remix of "Alchera" the original towards a more comforting and clubby feel by using layerings of melodies to create tension. There is a wonderful progression throughout the remix.

Olaf Stuut´s Hands on "Mirrimina"

Olaf Stuut has remixed "Mirrimina" into a rhythmic cascade of restless sounds that move within a winding narrow path to an destination unknown.
The tension which is spawned off by the breathless forward motion is captivating and mental. This remix puts him next to artists on Traum like Ricardo Tobar and Nick Dow.

Lambert Windges working on "Argula"

The Düsseldorf based artist Lambert Windges, known for his experimental approach to music and who has contributed to Tour De Traum before has moved "Argula" in a much more thoughtful and gentle niche where acoustic details can be perceived like raindrops.
Kicking off with a downbeat and later transforming the track into a 4/4 beat wonder Lambert manages to unite things we did not know could be united.

"Argula" reshaped by Hidden Empire

Hidden Empire have raised the dominance of the groove in their remix and have given the track "Argula" a clubby techno profile.

Contantijn Lange works on "Argula" by Dovim

We got to know Berlin artist Constantijn Lange and asked him to remix "Argula" and his mix turned out to be become a thrilling stream of music that slowly is transforming itself. The remix is gaining nice a nice momentum in various situations and speak to people that are not techno socialized.

Release date                  02. September 2016

Dovim - Makaratta - Traum V202

1. Argula

2. Alchera

3. Makaratta

4. Mirrimina

5. Yurlungur

6. Alchera (Teho Remix)

7. Mirrimina (Olaf Stuut "Pushing Forward" Remix)

8. Argula (Lambert Windges Remix)

9. Argula (Hidden Empire Remix)

10. Argula (Constantijn Lange Remix)