Robert Babicz - A Moment Of Loud Silence - Traum V203

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Introducing Robert Babicz

We finally managed to pull the mastermind Robert Babicz on board of the Traum ship with a brand new album. Robert Babicz has been a charismatic person in the electronic music scene for years now. He is an institution when it comes to techno music with an experimental edge.
His sophistication in sound recording, his experiments with the subconscious and his philosophy of the right selection of analogue machines have made him an icon for many. Robert’s enormous touring schedule even to the farthest corners of the earth show he is not to be pigeonholed but defies genres.
His album "A Moment Of Loud Silence" contains 10 unreleased pieces of ambient music. It is in fact his second ambient album after his album in 2000 for Mille Plateaux.
Robert Babicz’s album trilogy on Marc Romboy’s label Systematic also show traces of his ambient work so it is does not surprise the true fan that he has finally made the step to write a whole ambient album.

Robert aims at breaking up limitations of perfection and regaining a territory where he can be creative by working less on the computer and more with sound generators.
He told us that he locked himself up into his studio for two weeks which resulted in this album. According to Robert it seems he directed the machines to create the music very much by „themselves“, through their own strength. So the album is a very personal one and pays tribute to that special situation in time.
Some of the tracks sound like timeless chill out masterpieces others sound like sound experiments. All were recorded in the now defunked set up in his studio that had an almost overpowering complexity as Robert told us. The studio was remodeled after the album which makes these tracks unique.
The album that contains mesmerizing chill out and electronic listening also features 7 bonus remixes by artist from the Traum cosmos.

"We Fly To The End Of The World" by Robert Babicz

"A Moment Of Loud Silence" kicks off with "We Fly To The End Of The World" an unconcealed classic woven chill out masterpiece, with a nicely controlled intensity of synth sweeps and a complex texture that envelopes you with a feeling of endlessness. A strong start for the album which gives way for tracks different in nature to follow.

"So Many Ways" by Robert Babicz

"So Many Ways" opens with a rhythmic short nervous acoustic signal before a giant drone sound as wide as our planet joins in to establish a strange symbiosis.
There is a certain Yin & Yang formula already established here and hints at the fact, that the album might be seeking for that magic balance.
As we know Robert likes to walk in the woods and has in the past dedicated tracks to the „Königsforst“ (a forest he lives close to), so the appreciation for harmony is one coordinate in his music.

"Curious Heart" by Robert Babicz

"Curious Heart" is a spacious track with fantastic reverbs that purify the ways of your perception and more than that, it is a remedy for your soul.

"Bloom" by Robert Babicz

"Bloom" has the machines heated up to spit out a firework of signals that have the life time of soap bubbles. But as you know some of them live longer than others and so real melodies evolve in the course of the track embedded by a mighty bass stab.

"Lonely Prophet" by Robert Babicz

"Lonely Prophet" could be the perfect sound track for another directors cut of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. Sadly Stanley is not there anymore to be asked.

"Where Are You?" by Robert Babicz

"Where Are You?" is lighter and more playful and has a slight marine feeling. Imagine life at the beach and there you are.

"Colors" by Robert Babicz

"Colors" has tones ricochet through space that create despite their lightness a certain intensity when colliding. Robert feeds the track with skill and navigates though melodies let loose, keeping the highest level of sound richness possible.

"Wall City" by Robert Babicz

"Wall City" is a most energetic and vibrant piece on the album. The tempo of how fast sounds move and meet others is highly agitated. Maybe even a bit sonic before an avalanche of synths kick in at halftime. Nevertheless it has at the same time more of an episode feel to it, and before you realize it, the track is over, as if poured out of a decanter.

"Giant" by Robert Babicz

"Giant" sounds like waves smashed at monumental cliffs resulting in a thunderous noise joined by gentile tiny melodies.

"Circles Of Thought" by Robert Babicz

"Circles Of Thought" finalizes the album with sonic experimentation fascinating drone feedback music which could be an experimental Pink Floyd track.

THE REMIXES: Oliver Schories hands on "Bloom"

The remix section kicks off with widely popular producer Oliver Schories who has remodeled the original of "Bloom" in to a contemporary piece of electronic techno music with a lot of impact on the single sounds to transport it into the clubs.

Van Bonn remixing "Why We Fly To The End Of The World"

German producer Van Bonn who regularly releases with us has moved the opening track of the album "Why We Fly To The End Of The World" in the direction of an atmospheric piece of dub techno.

"So Many Ways" remixed by Clawz SG

French artist Clawz SG who praised the quality of the analogue sounds has remixed "So Many Ways" into a floating piece of techno music and stays close to Robert Babicz original.

"Where Are You?" reinterpreted by Aparde

Berlin’s producer Aparde is known for his endeavors into the ambient himself, so his remix of "Where Are You?" reveals that he was able to distill a lot out of the original for his mix. His lush quality meets the original in a winning way.

Dovim and "Wall City"

Traum core artist Dovim has remixed "Wall City". Playing in an orchestra he has a different perspective of music than most techno artists and has worked here strict with the musicality of Robert Babicz to create a melodic clubby version which shows a great deal of sophisticated playfulness.

Eitan Reiter recreating "So Many Ways"

Tel Aviv artist Eitan Reiter who is known for example for his work with Sebastian Mullaert of Minilogue has remixed "So Many Ways" into a rhythmic groover that in the course of the track takes in melodies from the original to finally create a minimalist techno house version of the original.

"Lonely Prophet" remixed by Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot

The last remix comes from Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot who released an ambient album on Traum last November. Mario was able to connect directly to the original of "Lonely Prophet" and wrote a 9 minute long experimental voyage with a lot of twist and turns.

Release date                                                                07. October 2016

Robert Babicz - A Moment Of Loud Silence - Traum V203

1. We Fly To The End Of The World

2. So Many Ways

3. Curious Heart

4. Bloom

5. Lonely Prophet

6. Where Are You?

7. Colors

8. Wall City

9. Giant

10. Circles Of Thought

11. Bloom (Oliver Schories Remix)

12. Why We Fly To The End Of The World
       (Van Bonn's „Valhalla“ Remix)

13. So Many Ways (Clawz SG Remix)

14. Where Are You? (Aparde Remix)

15. Wall City (Dovim Remix)

16. So Many Ways (Eitan Reiter Remix)

17. Lonely Prophet     (Mario Hammer And
                          The Lonely Robot Remix)