Third Son - Refuge - Traum V206

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Introducing Third Son

The London based artist Third Son aka Joseph Thomas Price writes unique, futuristic, border crossing and forward thinking music for those who know.
And there is more to come.
Despite him keeping a low profile... more then a dozen releases on top labels speak a language for itself and have made him one of the hottest English exports.
Living in a flat with an LED ceiling, being surrounded by music from an early age on due to his father being a lecturer of music at the University, his music is stylish and spiritual at the same time.
Known for wearing dark clothes (and eating lots of cereal) Third Son's music is referred to as magnificent, melodic and truly unique.
Influences have come from multi talent and genius Amon Tobin who is known for his unusual methodology in sound design and music production.

"Refuge" by Third Son

Third Son's EP for Traum kicks off with "Refuge", a narrative dooming tale of foreboding sci-fi music.
Introspective and action packed on the microlevel, a slow motion slide provides time and space for manipulations of sound that contribute to a hypnotic state of curbed euphoria.
To describe "Refuge" as a soundtrack for Dr Who's darkest moments might not be 100% true.

"Bloom" by Third Son

"Bloom" has its silent sirens spreading the news. Step by step a mild urgency is installed by a simmering of engine like sounds and stabs of psychedelica.
Voices from a distance evoke darker moments of the inner self. The moment all explodes sees no boundaries but a magnificent constellation of colors and shades. Welcome to some of the best from the world of Third Son.

"Girl With The Flaxen Hair" by Third Son

"Girl With The Flaxen Hair" could be an epic tale describing an eponymous female as a sort of sire. It is by any means a mesmerizing and dramatic composition aimed towards an audience that can appreciate a fantastic cinematic feel involving vocal and mighty breathtaking enveloping sounds.

"Machines & Nature" by Third Son

"Machines & Nature" is in contrast less gigantic, but is a fine piece of electronica expressed by traveling sequential sounds that form waves of sounds not without injecting some interaction and drama, which you can expect from a person like him.
For Third Son the third dimension is a serious and important matter and that makes his music intense on all levels.

Refuge Cover Artwork by Victoria Louise Boyle

The artwork comes from UK artist Victoria Louise Boyle.

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       Instagram                          @vicboyle

Release date:                                                                13. January 2017