Erase Me - Exolife EP - Traum V208

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Erase Me on Traum Schallplatten

Pavel Khvaleev has now teamed up with Frankfurt based producer Frank Ellrich. Pavel used to be one half of Moonbeam with whom we released seven EPs on Traum. Pavel Khvaleev is a true multi talent who works in the film business, produces very successfully videos and is on the other hand a recording scientist who creates music in a Frankenstein manner by exploring the limits. He is a mastermind, full of sophistication and has a strong philosophy of how things should sound and what has to be in which place.

Pavel and Frank’s new project Erase Me is a starting point into a different direction.
It is more radical than Moonbeam and free of populism. Pavel’s collaboration with Frank Ehrlich has lead to an almost machine driven state, sometimes apocalyptic. On the other hand their songs can be unbelievable rich in texture and uplifting.

"Exolife" by Erase Me

The EP kicks of with the title track "Exolife" which exhibits a form of cold-bloodedness as in a creature with a keratotic epidermis, watertight and steady but slow in motion. On another level you would call it a bulldozing track that starts dubby but becomes a mighty "engine like" techno worm. The straightforwardness is amazingly connected to a minimalist composition that makes it even more radical. Doing very little but with a massive analogue strength is the equation.

"Sumus" by Erase Me

"Sumus" comes across as very modern. All is super polyrhythmic and features these futuristic sounds that come in waves. The analogue machines here create an enormous wealth of sound that is very emotional.

"Black Hill" by Erase Me

"Black Hill" has a devastating bass line that instantly will suck out all the oxygen in a room. This is a track that would have been a hit in the old TRESOR in Berlin, a track that shows no mercy. A track with no past and no future a track that only exist though its own sound.

"Contact" by Erase Me

"Contact" sounds alien. Somewhere between heaven and a dirty cellar and then the track shifts towards one of them... for us it is heaven.
In the course of the track it becomes slightly uplifting, but in an unobtrusive way. But it is massive and an experience as well.

"Black Hill" remixed by Modeplex

Berlin producer Modeplex has made a remix of the track "Black Hill". He has added another flavor... more light but still in line with the darkness the original transports. The track was super inspiring Modeplex told us and idea came fast!

"The Colour In Silence" by Erase Me

The last track on the EP is more estranged. "The Colour In Silence" is the EDM / electronica track on the EP. Respectively a great head fuck or would you rather call it perfect "brain food" for late night hours? This is amazingly futuristic. A soundtrack for a movie made by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Release date:                                                                    07. April 2017