Ian Max Mauch - Ode To Cold - Traum V212

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Artwork by Alessa Mendolia

The painting on the cover comes from artist Alessa Mendolia.

Ian Max Mauch debut EP "Ode To Cold"

"Ode To Cold" is Ian Max Mauch’s debut release following the release of his successfully single tracks on several "Tour De Traum" compilations.
With his EP Ian has for the first time applied his intense and original sound shaping ideas fused with complex beat structures and an artistic signature.
It is an extremely thought out composition which is also revealed in intricate progressions throughout the tracks. His sound design which consists out of a manifold level of sounds can truly be called his own and so it is no surprise for us that Ian describes his music as „non efficient“ referring to techno standards.
For his production Ian Max Mauch can draw from his musical education and various other sources. He works for an audio software company for which he records sample content. When he has an idea he writes his music „pretty fast“ in order to capture and sustain most of its emotional character.
Then afterwards he sneaks into the track and works on the microscopic level which can take „a very long time“ as he put it. Ian has also recently done effects for a short movie, has restored old recordings and will soon write music for a documentation. Next to playing improvisation based livesets in Berlin, Cologne and Prague.

Ian Max Mauch "Distance Within"

The EP starts with "Distance Within" which exposes fantastic sounds that seem to come from very far away. It draws a complex picture and tears it up in many small pieces that don’t exactly ad up to a voyage as we know it, but rather feedbacks to the inner-self, resulting in mesmerizing „unreal“ sounds.
"Distance Within" has that organic feel where raw analogue elements seem to undergo an immense refinement sometimes even strong and drastic changes.The acoustic jazzy drums add extreme liveliness to the track.

Despite all the changes and there are numerous ones, the track sticks to a slow motion „rotation“- feel, that allows us only to see a piece of the whole picture at a time.
"Distance Within" has last but not least also a stunning soundtrack quality.

Ian Max Mauch "Do You Even Know How"

"Do You Even Know How" starts in a way where "Distance Within" ended, it is the brother or sister so to speak. The big difference is directly noticeable: it has a much more dignified sounding carcass that relies less on the low-fi world. The percussion section is more synthetic, therefore it creates a tighter and more powerful beat. Nevertheless is keeps a loose edge also with the beats where 'small spaces to hide' are as important as with "Distance Within".

Ian Max Mauch "Cruising Through My Comfort Zone"

"Cruising Through My Comfort Zone" sounds even more glorious than "Distance Within". One could add it is more of a pop tune without a pop song structure. The clean sound celebrates a certain comfort but it would not be a genuine Ian Max Mauch track would it not play on several separate layers being combined to a soulful piece of music.

Ambient Rework of "Distance Within"

The forth track is a thrilling ambient rework of "Distance Within" which shows Ian Max Mauch’s qualities in a pure and unrestricted way. It shows and reveals a lot. Listen to it on headphones in the nature… it makes so much sense...

Ambient Rework of "Do You Even Know How"

Track number five is an ambient rework of "Do You Even Know How" and a fragile collage of the original. Conveying a tempoless feel without a constant pulse.

sine sleepers hands on "Do You Even Know How"

The first remix comes from the Traum artist duo from Düsseldorf: sine sleeper who have recorded with us two times already and have contributed a very unique and fantastic listening experience with an electric guitar and the synth of "Do You Even Know How". Their dynamic shifts from the obscure to progressive rock are amazing. Tune in!

Max Dahlhaus Remix of "Distance Within"

Max Dahlhaus known by for his debut album "Rims Of Time" has interpreted "Distance Within" in a cinematic way, having the remix escalate towards the end of the track into a heavy techno avalanche.

"Distance Within" detoxed by Rauschhaus

An Electronica-techno flavored remix of "Distance Within" comes from Traum artist Rauschhaus and sees the original transformed into a pleasant comforting floater of a track. This definitely is an open air smoothy for this summer.

Dovim remixing "Do You Even Know How"

"Do You Even Know How" was remixed by Dovim and has gained a kind of modern futuristic touch instead of Ian Max Mauch’s vintage and grainy vision and thereby is a great interpretation.

"Do You Even Know How" Remix by FAC3OFF

We asked an artist from Trapez FAC3OFF for a hypnotic stripped techno remix of "Do You Even Know How", so you will see this remix relying much more on a simplified structure, still creating depth through its repetition and strong breaks, creating a darker interpretation of the original.

Vlokken reinterpreting "Do You Even Know How"

Another techno remix of "Do You Even Know How" comes from the Irish duo Vlokken who have been interpreting music with a Detroit focus on the label Trapez ltd. You can find this note also in their remix here, which connects nicely to some of the cosmic moments of Underground Resistance.

Release date:                                                                    07. July 2017