Unspent - Monitoring Interview


An interview by Riley Reinhold

• Where do you come from in France?

Jérémy come from Saint Chamond (between Saint Etienne and Lyon) and Anthony come from Saint Etienne.

• How important is the connection to you hometown?

Our hometown is an industrial region with many manufacturers in many fields (metallurgy, manufacture of weapon, mechanical etc…) so the atmosphere with the techno music is always present in our hometown, there is many places with industrial charms than can accept techno parties.

• What and when was you first release?

Our First Release was in 2009 with an other name on Division Virtuel Rec (label from Lyon), with Unspent our first release was in 2015 on Abstract Animal (label from Berlin): A remix for Marco Bruno.

• Your internet page says you are techno producers but you are also including elements of house, industrial and other genres, it seems to be important for you not to limit yourself. How do you define yourself?

Effectively our sound is turned to industrial techno due to cold rhythmic, dub / atmospheric leads mix with more hot and houssy leads like Chicago leads (ex: Tellure on abstract animal). But the origin of our sound is techno, the sound which made us meet.

• We heard you play live for a long time. Has this been your motor for making music?

Yes of course basically we were DJ, when we meet us we play the same techno and quickly we decided to make our own music according to our tastes and desires.

• Have you played live outside of France?

Yes we already play in Berlin and recently in Magdeburg, maybe soon in Cologne with the TRAUM family ? LOL ☺

• What is your favorite machine in your studio?

We love the Elektron Analog Rytm for doing heavy rhythmic it is a fantastic drum machine. We love also the Dave smith synth which is very efficient and with a very good quality in leads. In the future we will turn in the purchase of a modular synth like Erica synth.

• You are in the scene for some time, are you a member of the techno scene closely connected to other members?

Yes we are member of Point collective which manage us from Berlin. Locally we works with some collectives like Elektrosystem (Lyon) or 1001 Bass (Saint Etienne) and many more.

• The traum release seems more abstract also more powerful then a lot of releases in terms of bass and the eruptiveness of sounds. Is there a story behind this EP?

Yes for this EP we would like to break the codes in the techno rhythmic 4/4, we would bring some breaks rhythms with dub / atmospheric leads which open and release the power of techno leads like as an “anthem” track (ex : Shinken). On an over side Icinga bring more sweetness and heat in the EP due to his airy and effective rhythmic and old school leads. These tracks are completed by Centreon and Thruk more traditional in the construction and atmosphere they express (particularly Thruk). They incorporated in purely techno set but also in sets a little softer with hotter tones.
All names of this EP are related to my own job: Computing science.


Monitoring EP

Traum V216

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