Ikaro Grati - Hygge - Traum V217

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Ikaro Grati debut on Traum

The latest discovery on our label is Ikaro Grati with his debut EP "Hygge".
Ikaro Grati has released very little on smaller imprints so we have picked him up at an early stage.
His style is a fascinating loose build up where the spaces of 'silence' are as valuable as any sound.
Hypnotic techno at its best with a lot of dark ambience which puts is close to our more technoid releases with Extrawelt.

"Orke" by Ikaro Grati

The opening track "Orke" directly establishes the confidence that it will successfully accompany you on the dance floor until the bitter end.
Sounds come and go, but the spaces in between are the ones that give you a chill. Ikaro Grati is gifted with an inner clock that creates that perfect biorhythm!

"Hygge" by Ikaro Grati

Title track "Hygge" is less purist and instead offers a higher variety of synths but still keeps the attractive monotone sequential units that are so great. The mood is fueled with enough solitude and electricity to make it highly emotional.

"Godnat" by Ikaro Grati

"Godnat" is picks up the atmosphere of the two previous tracks but enhances it with urgency and a nice vintage percussion.

Release date:                                                           12. January 2018