Ikaro Grati - Burmese Days - Traum V222

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Ikaro Grati's follow up on TRAUM!

After the sensational success of Ikaro Grati’s first release on our label in January the artist returns with a brand new EP on Traum.

"Burmese Days"

"Burmese Days" kicks off with the same titled track. Pounding drums and percussions announce a ceremonial piece of electronic techno. Unpolished loud synths break into a symphony of hypnotic and rhythmic styled sounds and proclaim a unique exotic techno feel! Ikaro Grati’s soulfulness is revealed once and again through this fantastic tour de force of various colors, different moods and movements… a hell of a fantastic clash you wont want to miss.

"Homage to Catalonia"

"Homage to Catalonia" begins with mighty beats but is reluctant with its sounds but then in the course of the track evolves through a fantastic build up. This includes grande piano melodies sensuous percussion and a lot of techno power.


"Ikigai" kicks of with a throb of a beat and a firework of percussion before it plunges into an Ikaro Grati made hypnotic state. Wailing sounds alternating with forceful synths pay tribute to an emotional roller-coaster of different moods that are unmatched with anything we have heard recently.


"Sangfugl" connects to Ikaro's last EP with a more fierce dark mood minimalist groove and brooding sounds that will be perfect for the fans of his first EP.

Release date:                                                               03. August 2018