Spada - Myrtle and Roses - Traum V223

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Spada`s first EP on Traum

Spada is a well known part the electronic scene and is recognized as a multifaceted producer. For Traum he has remixed artists such as: Minilogue (Let Life Dance Thru You), Applescal (Your English Song) and Thomas Bjerring (Perpetuum). He has also released on Suara, Monique, Snatch, Flash, Manual and cooperated with Henry Saiz. Spada returns to Traum now with his full length 4-track EP "Myrtle and Roses", digging deep into the electronic „Wanderlust“ style the label is associated with.


The opening track track "Solarium" is an open air summer hymn with a lot of collective spirit shaping moments or euphoria! Spada is a master of building up tension and writing an impressive and clever composition that pulls us into the track and lets us float on air mattress of synth stabs.


"Aphrodite" shows a more moody facet in the starting sequences of the track but has a mighty „talking synth“ enter the track to overtake for a second. The nice break down makes hungry for more „synth talking“ and when the background melodies do come to the surface you are in heaven.


The mighty "Gloriosa" shows its sovereign and unique position in this EP by using no detours but heading straight towards the dance floor to set the pace for frantic dancing! Amazing layerings of melodies and a breathtaking break show Spada’s skill at its best and it is a fabulous way of loosing yourself in a tight composition of exciting melodies.


"Orpheum" is animated by more of a pop layout with brilliant indie music flavored nuances that blend into a strong mover for the club showing great hypnotic and repetitive quality. There is something to this track the other tracks do not incorporate and it thereby shows a missing link making it a more complete EP.

Release date:                                                          07. September 2018