Manera, Welticke - Feinstoff EP - Traum V224

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Debut EP by Manera & Welticke on Traum

The Berlin electronic music producer and sound designer Manera has not stood in the limelight of the underground dance scene so far but has worked in a collective of artists in various studios writing music for different aims. This is his first EP which he has accomplished togetherwith Cologne based DJ and techno producer Welticke.

The EP is definitely a joined venture of two worlds, the melodic and introspective universe of Manera and the clubby massive techno approach presented by Welticke. Cooperations can show an extra perspective which can be exciting and we think here it has come to full effect with their "Feinstoff EP".


Kicking off with the mighty track "Logos", this track is an assault on the dark side of melodic techno. It shows multiple futuristic aspects that make it a mysterious crusade. Its apocalyptic setting detains us in a scenery that can be described as a fast paced neo noir feeling. On the other side "Logos" is a powerhouse of a dance track, a never stopping body hunt.


"Feinstoff" shows sparkling champagne like tones that meet the mighty and teutonic rhythm section. Here the melodies are more uplifting and airy. There is a lot of uplifting context here to dwell on and you are not so much compelled to dance the night through.


"Cogitatio" picks up the spirit but is slightly more warped and fights through sounds that seems to thicken like fog. Follow the track and you will acknowledge moments of silence, isolation and beauty. All seems to happen naturally and there is a great way how everything evolves.


"Yugen" shares aspects of a soundtrack with its weirdness and its beauty and connects to the chill out and ambient corners of the label Traum.

Release date:                                                               05. Oktober 2018