Oskar Szafraniec - Floating EP - Traum V230

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Oskar Szafraniecs debut on TRAUM!

For all of you who dont know Oskar Szafraniec jet, the Polish artist is hard to pin point, since his interests range from deep electronica, to minimal music, to jazzy compositions and to anything which he invents for himself in his studio or in combination with other people or bands. Next to our release he will release an EP on R&S this year.In the past he has worked with people such as Ricardo Villalobos, A Guy called Gerald, he has teamed up with Perlon’s Wareika and this year will be a busy and special year for Oskar, so we are happy to have an elaborate EP with him out on Traum.

Oskar is above all a very free minded spirit, a true artist and a great soul mate when it comes to grasping the fine lines in a release. So we started to talk to him more then half a year ago to put together an EP for Traum and now it is time to let the "fireflies" free

The EP features a very lively and diverse track lists of originals, each track doing something very different. From the deep house track "Floating" on which he has cooperated with

"Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz" by Oskar Szafraniec

"Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz" is an airy and subtle voyage into the fantastic world of acoustic sounds and vocals by Oskar Szafraniec and Benjamin Yellowitz. Fragile and minimal in its set up the track generates a firework of emotions.

"Shizuoka" by Oskar Szafraniec

A true piece of minimal with the name of "Shizuoka" holds sensual and brittle sounds that make their way though winding paths to a foreign destination. The track has a slow motion feel to it that creates a hell of lot of deepness.

"Dirty Heart" by Oskar Szafraniec

"Dirty Heart" has all the quality of a studio life jam and sees Oskar singing and playing piano and assembling several small sound digits and drum sounds that build up a nice rhythm with plenty of soul... pure magic!

"Winter Strawberry" by Oskar Szafraniec

Its time for the "Winter Strawberry" a turmoil of different moods all rallying for some kind of gain... yet they all need each other to exist. A poetic novel by Oskar with a touch of Aphex Twin.

"Dirty Heart" Piotr Bejnar Remix

Oskar’s long time mate Piotr Bejnar who has also released on the Tour de Traum XVI has taken on the challenge of remixing "Dirty Heart" in a wonderful epic way you would not image if you had not heard it.

"Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz" Herck Remix

Herck has remixed "Floating" in his minimal stripped down style, very lively and seemingly in real time keeping the emotions high using only the quieter moments of the vocals and the remix ends up as frail as some of Oskar’s work and fits very well here.

"Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz" Ron Flatter Remix

Ron Flatter has taken on to remix "Floating" and adds his techno end to the original in a charming way..

"Floating feat. Benjamin Yellowitz" Maharti Remix

We asked Maharti, artist for techno label Trapez, to add a rough and simplistic industrial techno coating to "Floating" which we are glad we asked for... it works in a magic way.

Release Date:                                                                       03. May 2019