Ron Flatter - Madame - Traum V232

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Welcome to the 5th chapter with Ron Flatter!

Ron Flatter returns with his new EP "Madame" to Traum.

"Madame" by Ron Flatter

The EP opens with the title track "Madame" to show us a melodic curbed anthem painted in a „baroque“ color scheme. The transitional and floating quality is something Ron Flatter has perfected through his long time dj sets. "Madame" unravels like a classic in a music box. Expect nothing less than a hypnotic spine tickling tune. The track has been an essential track in his dj sets and will be heard at Fusion festival in his DJ set this year.

"Endlos" by Ron Flatter

"Endlos" expresses to the point what this track is all about: „a voyage without borders“ and it connects very much to the opening track ""Madame". A great track to loose yourself in and quiet a comfort zone you will enjoy.

"Part77" by Ron Flatter

"Part77" is a twisted and meshugge track you want to play when the crowd has already heated up! A nice tune that runs in circles with great break downs that can elongate the dancers craze. Definitely worth checking out!

"Madame" Huminal Remix

The Dutch duo Huminal have managed to transform the original of "Madame" into something very different. Their trademark: writing rich, progressing cinematic sounds with an elegant signature can also be found here with their remix.

"Madame" Henning Richter Remix

The other remix of "Madame" comes by ex Suicide Circus resident and world traveller Henning Richter. His journeys to exotic parts of the world where he plays extended all night long DJs sets have given him the opportunity to develope trax with a timeless spirit. His form of stoicism has an hypnotic and sensual effect and expresses a lot by keeping things essential.

Release Date:                                                                  02. August 2019