Marlon Jarek - Field Trip EP - Traum V236

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We welcome Marlon Jarek on TRAUM!

Marlon Jarek is a trained musician he has played and plays a lot of instruments which allows him to insert that unpredictable moment into his music. To say it in his own words: „I play various instruments now cello, drums, percussion, guitar, piano and it is important for me to use acoustic instruments in electronic music. It makes the music so much more alive and to work with these instruments for me creates something authentic and real. To work with my hands instead of pushing the mouse, this is essential for me. The search for the imperfect is important as well“.

"Seen Through Light" by Marlon Jarek

The EP kicks off with "Seen Through Light" a trembling fragile but also mighty piece of electronica that carefully can tear melodies together and apart. In this process something magical happens. Some tension which you find only in the best of music… the space between things which you cannot define but which will leave you speechless, breathless almost collapsing and sometimes you think if things could only end like this... the world would be a better place.

And when you think about that just at that moment Marlon pulls up 6 parameters at the same time and elevates and creates euphoric moments without comparison. This is music that is in the same league as Max Cooper, Clark, Rival Consoles… music that can defy gravity for a short moment.

"Black Sky Cinema" by Marlon Jarek

"Black Sky Cinema" starts at the bottom of the sea and accomplished a leap onto firm ground. But things change as an arpeggiator brings Krautrock uneasiness to the track, a ghost town guitar suggest time travel and a melody seeks a different world. Where will it all end?

Marek comments on this when he says: „I don’t have an Idee in my head when I start to make music I work very intuitive. I start with one sound which might suggest another one I hang on. Sounddesign is for me a big part of my music so I try to indulge here as much as possible by creating sounds myself. The outcome depends very much on my own mood at that time“.

"Fractured In Time" by Marlon Jarek

"Fractured In Time" picks up the slow motion feel we also saw was an important ingredient for "Black Sky Cinema". This track somehow starts at a different stage feels more spontaneous at the beginning but consolidates in the time of being and develops a feeling not unlike Massive Attack and Portishead. The way the track breathes, the way it destroys and kills melodies to create a new mood, this is mesmerizing and has left us speechless. When the track is over one can easily fall into a void. Marlon Jarek’s music is intense and beautiful.

"Tentacle Island" by Marlon Jarek

"Tentacle Island" is the fist track on this EP in which the acoustic quality reveals a bit more, weights a bit more and could work very well as a soundtrack for a science fiction… we imagine a Perry Rhodan radio play… very strong word based storytelling. This track carries a bizarre quality bringing together steel drum sounds with real piano.

"Beginnings" by Marlon Jarek

The last track of the EP "Beginnings" leaves us with sounds a bit more classic and less twisted and we think we can hear some parallels to the music Dominik Eulberg has written in the way the melody is played here.

Release date:                                                             29. November 2019