Bock & Fuchs - Invalid Monday EP - Traum V237

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"We welcome Bock & Fuchs on TRAUM!

Johannes Wockenfuß is Bock & Fuchs. The Berlin Kreuzberg based artist was a drummer in bands for a big part of his life and also wrote music back then. Some years ago he started his electronic project Bock & Fuchs and has been very successful with it since, especially with his track "Absorbers". The name for his debut EP on our label draws from the hard hitting reality Mondays can have for party people and performers.

"Invalid Monday" by Bock & Fuchs

The EP kicks off with the title track "Invalid Monday" a track that works on multiple levels. You have a sickening and mad sequence building up throughout the track which collaborates with a monster baseline but you also have these glitchy acoustic percussive sounds and drum rolls that give the track that pleasant groove that you feel and want to go along with. The mighty synth sequence that acts as a curbed scream in the beginning undresses more and more to act as an energetic raving sound that carries the track to new heights. You also find raw and edgy elements in this recording which show the track is very much alive and direct and that certainly keeps you hooked as well.

"Beteigeuze" by Bock & Fuchs

"Beteigeuze" is one of the largest stars visible to the naked eye. It is calculated to be 640 light-years away and that fits pretty good to the nature of this track.There is a sonic trembling of sounds and a distortion on the synth that tries to get over a message from a far distance. There is also a feeling of expansion of time and space in this track which makes it very sensual... the many breaks in the track make it possible for dancers to enter that track at various stages which is also very cool.

"Apollo" by Bock & Fuchs

"Apollo" is an enormous impact crater located in the southern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon as well as the name for space travel by the NASA. This might have inspired Johannes Wockenfuß to write this intergalactic ballad or some might call it a Krautrock epos. The track builds up tension right in the beginning and slowly gets into gear, once it is completed. There are enough sounds that revolve around a vertical axis like asteroids might do to feed your senses with images. It makes "Apollo" an enlightening and soulful experience and a hot contender for the best track on the EP.

"Stadt Im Wald" by Bock & Fuchs

The bonus track for the EP is "Stadt Im Wald". It is a blast from the past. A jewel of a track, like a planet that comes a long way, from a different galaxies and just has hopped into your living room. Experience a short moment of mishmash of different styles and moods... more musical than the other tracks and totally remote from any trends. We are happy we have pulled out this little pearl from music Johannes has written to feature here on this EP.

"Beteigeuze" Schlepp Geist Remix

On the remix side we have a lovely remix by Schlepp Geist of "Beteigeuze". The remix very nicely describes the feeling of zero gravity in an epic format with a cool breakdown. Schlepp Geist is known for his releases on Katermukke, Brise and many others.

Release Date:                                                                 17. January 2020