Ron Flatter - Anoaman EP - Traum V244.75

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Ron Flatter's 6th EP on TRAUM!

Ron Flatter needs no introduction. He has been a core artist with us since 2013 when he released the groundbreaking track "Mantequilla". Since then he has released music, real played music with lots of passion, not so much deconstructed or manipulated but directly delivered to you, the dancer.

"Anoaman“ by Ron Flatter

The opening track "Anoaman" is nothing less than a club anthem. It feels as if the audience is involved with this track right from the beginning when Ron introduces many tiny voices that work very nicely in combination with the the massive vocal lead. Big time music.

"Maxany“ by Ron Flatter

"Maxany" on the contrary is more subtle and deep in the beginning but certainly it would not be Ron if he did not not shift into a higher gear quickly to inflate a balloon of melodies! That track is sheer madness!

"Tadeeus" by Ron Flatter

"Tadeeus" is a heavily requested track since he recently played it in a podcast. So here we get a rhythm box full of sounds and beats! It seems the world is in heavy rotation, creating cascades of sounds and impressions that can easily decorate your mansion with an unlimited palette of colors. This tune is massive!

"Sirenius" by Ron Flatter

For all of you who like more of an understatement in music, listen to the brooding and dark track: "Sirenius". The track features a perfect alternation of silence and melody. The organic quality is fascinating as it comes in waves it will clad you in an ever evolving, seductive carpet of sound.

Release Date:                                                             04. September 2020