ROWA, Sanoi - Celestial - Traum V246

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ROWA & Sanoi's groove tandem on TRAUM!

ROWA has teamed up with New Zealand based German producer Sanoi who as a solo artist produces a palette of different genres noticeable focussing on groove laden trax. Together they have recorded 3 new tracks which have been remixed by none the less than: Kellerkind, Out of Sorts and Hamburg’s Florian Kruse.

"Celestial“ by ROWA & Sanoi

The EP starts out with a bang! "Celestial" is a track that describes quite a journey and links it to a lot of joy and happiness. The track that covers ground in a breathtaking pace with a gentleness only a glider can and manages though great break downs and a perfect groove, to put a smile on your face. This is a summer anthem!

"Coria“ by ROWA & Sanoi

"Coria" is a perfect night crawler with strings that at times remind us of some of Laurent Garnier’s deep trax. It takes you by the hand and with ease leads you to a place were you have not been jet. "Coria" is an epic and still deadly catchy with a breakdown that collects enough energy to refill every dancer.

"The Lights“ by ROWA & Sanoi

The third original "The Lights" carries more acceleration and edginess but blends it with the gentle structure that make all 3 tracks so organic and absorbable. The vocals give an extra catchiness to the track the other tracks don’t have.

"Celestial“ Kellerkind Remix

The remixes start with Kellerkind’s remix of "Celestial". No stranger to the scene the Swiss DJ and producer Kellerkind is know mostly though his releases with Stil Vor Talent. For the remix he provides a different groove which works very much with a hypnotic state all though the track.

"Coria“ Out of Sorts Remix

Out of Sorts are the brothers Barton and Hayden Strom from New Zealand. The brothers have been building a reputation primarily under a series of other monikers such as Antix, Fiord and Triangle. They have remixed "Coria" giving it a nice "rave notion with big droning synths creating a big bubble of a sound and by this creating a world of their own.

"The Lights“ Florian Kruse Remix

Florian Kruse has moved the track "The Lights" sound wise more in the direction of a super deep contemplative track... but then adds energetic beats that catapult the deepness directly into your heart. Goose skin alert!

Release Date:                                                                 23. October 2020