Thyladomid - Odyssee - Traum V248

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Thyladomid's new EP on Traum!

We welcome back Thyladomid with whom we released the album "Places". After almost 3 years he returns with his 6-track EP "Odyssee" featuring again otherworldly deep house music. Also here Thyladomid connects hand played percussion with electronic sounds to go deep.

Thyladomid who has been in the studio for most of the time has put together music for those who seek an emotional connection. And despite a certain playfulness in all of these tracks with the intensity coming in doses sometimes there is a short eruption or better escalation, as we can witness in the title track "Odyssee".

But his EP really can best be described as „traveling“ music. Despite all the changes in the composition it keeps this late night privacy best describe with the track "Epos". There are tracks with an underlying urgency such as "Underpressure " and tracks that are mellow and very light like "Now Or Never". Some trax seem to live inside of a jar, others venture to leave it showing a steady pace like "Duringo" and are clubby in their own category. So we feel the EP carries a lot of details that are not obvious and it changes the perspectives from track to track.

With his "Places" album being in various Spotify playlist over months we can imagine this to happen also with his brand new EP.

Release Date:                                                                 22. January 2020