Traum V136 - Max Cooper - Metaphysical EP

We are sure Max Cooper does not refer here to one of Traum boss Triple R's favourite writer Thomas Pynchon but rather connects here to the technical terminus of the parabolic trajectory often mentioned as 'rainbow-shaped'.
Nevertheless we wish to express that the transgressive quality of Max music, does it question or break down the boundaries and categories of Western culture and reason, is a challenge we have at Traum always aimed at, with tracks that were very far away from the norm in the same way as Max's tracks are.
The track “Gravity's Rainbow” highlights the more stripped and pop nurtured side of Max Cooper.
Although light as “first sight” this track is as complex as all of his work... using antagonistic elements such as the golden coloured spine tingling sounds that linger in this track... and a grand bassline melody that could be described as an award winning hymn. Despite all of this “Gravity's Rainbow” is a catchy tune made to fill the dance floor with a kind of happiness that is kind of rare for Max.
“Heresy” shouts out a triumph at times quite at others it marches along... full of joy into a world which has not been defined yet, maybe will never be. It changes dynamic through hard breaks... plunges from dreamlike stages into dynamic ones going towards a wall of sound (a typical Max Cooper trademark) over kills are appreciated and captivate all of us when dancing along.
When we think all has been said... beautiful sub-melodies that could stem from indie rock bands make their way into the track... so this is a world full of phantasy.
Maybe the most sophisticated track on the release is the unearthly “Solace”. Clad in wet towels beat wise, the melodies and manipulations of sequences are the motor of his track. ”Solace” without beat would be a perfect soundtrack for a fantastic French movie. Fairy like with enough airy ups and downs  to whiten all colours of the world... the track finally assembles and mutates towards some kind of matter which we are not sure what to call.
For all of you who want it more techno and less melodic, the Dosem remix of “Heresy” works with a fantastic groove that one will enjoy after a night of full complex arrangement structures.
Multifaceted French artist Matthys contributes here with his remix of "Heresy" a piece of soulful electronica with a strong reflective side. His remix is strong on the musical side working nicely with dynamic shifts and melodies.

Release date: 4th April 2011

A1. Gravity's Rainbow

A2. Heresy

B1. Solace

B2. Heresy
(Dosem Remix)

Digital 1. Heresy
(Matthys Remix)

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